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House hacking has gained popularity in recent years as a means for people to build wealth.  In this article, we explore house hacking and the share the success stories of two house hackers.Understanding House HackingHouse hacking involves turning your primary residence into a source of income by ...
Selling your home is never an easy process.  Selling your home during a recession can be even more stressful.  While not everyone agrees, more and more economists are saying a recession is likely in the near future.  Interest rates are already affecting home sales, and are likely to continue to h...
It's not what anyone expected. Everyone thought the home would sell quickly. But after several weeks on the market, all you have to show for all of your work, is a stack of Realtor business cards on the kitchen counter. Each week there's fewer and fewer home showings. Your home just isn't attract...
In September of 2020 the CDC issued an eviction moratorium to protect at risk families from eviction during the pandemic. Unlike many state and city moratoriums, the CDC moratorium did not require tenants to have a COVID related reason. They simply had to have had their income substantially reduc...
Selling your home has plenty of stress, but contingent purchase offers can bring additional stress. According to a recent survey by Zillow, 52% of sellers worry about the sale of their home falling apart. Managing contingencies is a big part of having a smooth transaction.In this article, we look...
Is the Sacramento real estate market about to move from a seller's market to a buyers market? Some think so. You don't have to be a real estate professional to recognize that Sacramento has been a sellers' market for a while. Real estate prices have been going up and we continue to see limited in...
You have many options when selling your home and selling a home in good condition usually isn't a problem. However, there are times when you may want to consider selling your home to an investor. There are several myths surrounding selling to investors, but your real estate agent can help you dec...
With property values back to highs that haven't been seen in several years, many owners are looking to sell their rental properties. However, many are also feeling the pain of depreciation deductions on their taxes. If you own rental property or non owner occupied property, you probably were exci...

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