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"find yourself@home" in the Pacific Northwest - NW Washington, Seattle area, people, events, business, communities. shopping, trends, marketing ideas, homes, family and lifestyles in the Puget Sound Region....
luna lunapic has "fast" become one of my favorite FREE online photo editors because it's quick, easy to use and loaded with effect and animation options.   I found it to be a simple way to generate an animated Polaroid Pile, slideshow of several images or to add creative touches such as text to ...
hope Do you know someone struggling with their mortgage? October 1, 2008 – Under the Federal Housing Administration - Temporary initiative A program will be implemented to help make it possible for certain homeowners facing mortgage difficulty to refinance into an FHA-insured mortgage - See FAQ ...
test The Hope Ball The object of the game is to tag two people you’d like to share its friendship message with who you'd like to share with others on AR . Copy and paste the Friendship Ball, write something about your nominee(s) and send them a message to announce they’ve been tagged, Then they ...
leaving Sorry! I couldn't resist. It seemed like a fitting lead-in for this sweet photo. She looks so content and at home "leave-ing" here.  Title: Ladybird by Patryk Specjal            Photo from http://www.sxc.hu This is one of oodles of excellent photographs to leaf through at Stock.xchng.com...
ribbon QuickRibbon is a FREE web2.0 online ribbon generator: Choose your colors Select your font, text and message Create a link .... Another simple and creative way to feature a home, tagline, city or message in the right hand corner of your blog. You can link to your homepage, feature site, vi...
leaving The seed that sproutbuilder sowed: Since experimenting just enough to create a few examples to include in my first post about sproutbuilder ( I couldn't wait to share) I've been considering all the cool things that you could do using this online feature rich app. Aside from the obvious l...
test There are several social-icons included in the FREE set available at Smashing Magazine that aren't shown in the post. Enjoy! Now we just need the designer to add an Active Rain glass to"Toast" maybe a special edition :)
smart livescribe – pulse smartpen I got a first-hand demonstration of this smartpen over coffee with my niece the other day and it was nothing short of amazing. the pen & dot paper notebook create an incredible paper based computing system (this one was purchased from Target for about 150-200)  ...
sprout ed Is an online authoring & publishing platform for creating widgets and rich web content using a variety of multimedia features including flash, video, slideshows and more. I found it to be very user friendly with easy to follow tutorials and FREE. Once registered, I launched sproutbuild...
joi No video camera? No problem. Yes you can create video formatted  presentations without a video camera using movie making software that you likely already own. These programs allow you to add transitions, effects, audio, music, titles, captions and/or credits to still photos - all without a v...

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Exploring the Pacific Northwest: Seattle and surrounding communities, Real Estate, people, events, business, trends, marketing ideas, homes, family and life around Puget Sound.  

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