I just put together a few blog posts and also some videos on one of my favorite law of attraction exercises for manifesting money, love, a new job, a new home or anything you want. What is that? Law of attraction scripting! Scripting is this nifty law of attraction technique where you take out a...
I've been both practicing and writing about the law of attraction and manifesting for a while now and you know what? Though I was skeptical a long time ago when The Secret came out, I now remain convinced that there's a little something to it! Among all the law of attraction manifesting tricks I'...
 Have you ever heard of the 55x5 manifesting method? Even though I've been using the law of attraction and manifesting for a while now, I must admit I was skeptical about this one. But let me tell you, it really works!I used this method to manifest a $20 bill. Just trying it out pretty easily for...
Have You Ever Heard Of PLR?If you run a blog or website to market your products or services, you’re aware by now that creating content is hard work. You must research, write, edit, add photos, add links, create graphics, promote on social media, manage inquiry and more! It’s so easy to wind up fe...

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