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All right. I've had enough! I just have to say it.... Don't ever Visit This Site! I mean, I know these guys are really fracking smart, but aren't they just a bit too obnoxious? Isn't it obvious that they just want you to come to their Real Estate technology & marketing conference at the end of th...
Just for fun...I just created a "How To Use" Intro video for Philadelphia Real Estate's "PropertunityKnocks.Com."     What do you think AR community?  Worth doing? Google says make it user friendly....but will anyone really sit through me talking for 3 minutes? :)
I know.. You've all been wondering.  What the frack is goin on over there at PropertunityKnocks. If only you could spell, it you'd come and take a look, right? That's ok, I'll fill you in...   WHAT's GOING ON AT PHILADELPHIA'S  REAL ESTATE PROPERTUNITY BLOG?   Few things.    Diverse Solutions Rec...
Interesting that this happenned on Friday the 13th. So I wonder? Would it be cool to stage listing videos like this on purpose? What seller wouldn't mind a little charlie bit my finger viral video action, right?
Looking for Philadelphia REO Listings?  Give my site a shot for a look at REO's and Bank Owned Properties in and around Philadelphia. At PropertunityKnocks.Com, we try to frequently post live video and other listings pertaining to bank owned properties in the Philly area. For example, check out t...
Ok....we've all noticed.  Facebook's exploding! Exploding! Chicks I had wet dreams about years ago are friending me...My aunts are walling me up...Even some of you Dead Dinosaurs are walking around on "da book"...[add pics to your profiles folks, you're prettier than you think]   And this week......
My personal blog morphed into a national video real estate blog earlier this week.  Was sort of an accident, but when my wife actually spent more than a few seconds on the thing I figured maybe I was onto something. Basically I'm using a wordpress plugin to pull in Real Estate videos by feed for ...
I get a fair amount of requests for york and lancaster pa real estate listings. These areas are a bit far from Philly, but I have a friend who's a solid agent in Central Pa.  Be sure to check out CentralPaLiving.Com for York, Lancaster, and Adams County home listings.    Walt's site is fast, fun,...
224 Melville Street is 5 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths of University City goodness with a nice mix of original details and modern finishes. Hurry: More Info at the University City Page of PhiladelphiaRealEstateHub.Com.  
I just gave the new Trulia Blog feature a test spin and am really sorry to have to admit this, but I think it might make sense to be adding a lot more content over there than I have been here at active rain? Why Trulia over. Active Rain? The blog interface is more user friendly allowing for quick...


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