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Move up buyers are becoming extinct in California. With an epidemic of negative equity sweeping the state, we must ask ourselves this question: Do we really believe that there are enough first time homebuyers out there to turn this market around? In the bubble years of 2005-2007, buying a house i...
This comment, which appeared over the weekend on a featured post made me extremely uncomfortable: "One of my nasty little tricks is to coach Realtors to ask my competition to explain APR as a knowledge test."  Okay, everyone, let's not use hidden agendas when we connect. Why not? Because "nasty l...
As a mortgage person in the current wild and wacky real estate market, I sometimes get clients who want to buy and bail. So what's a buy and bail? The call goes something like this: "Hello, lovely mortgage person? This is Babs ( Buy and Bail Soon). My house is worth $175,000, but I owe $300,000....
A story for anyone who has ever lost an animal they loved.   I had always thought of it as a sort of arranged marriage. I didn't expect love. You had always lived inside, sitting on a window ledge, tail twitching, staring longingly at the world beyond. I had always lived outside, tending the big ...
   Blue Hawaii   Sunset at the Hula Grill         Extremely cheesy, "just arrived in Hawaii" photo
You are a first time buyer who has a sore butt. Why? Because you have been sitting on the fence all year long. Could you be the smartest first time homebuyer out there? Consider what happened when CASH for CLUNKERS overheated the demand for cars  (just like the FIRST TIME HOME BUYER TAX CREDIT ov...
My husband and I were moving back to California in one month and I was desperate. I was not a real estate agent or a mortgage person in those days. I was just somebody who had sold her Dallas house, and was R-E-A-D-Y to buy. No one "researched properties" in those days.  How could you? You did wh...
I am buying a laptop and need your help. If you are my reader, you know I am no computer geek. But I do write alot,  and get inspired in the weirdest places.  I have a fuzzy dream of writing on my laptop on a beach somewhere while palm trees sway in the background...and mortgage madness is FAR FA...
Okay, the name for this new bill may not be as catchy as "Cash for Clunkers" but you gotta love it: Home Ownership Moves the Economy(HOME) Act of 2009.  HR 2801 was introduced by Howard Coble (R-NC). It would continue the current tax credit for first time homebuyers set to expire on December 1, 2...
Is it time to kick our addiction to 30 year mortgages? Could it be that 30 year mortgages are harming our industry by contributing to negative equity situations faced by so many homeowners? To answer these questions, we only need to look at the auto industry, a place where no one cares that their...

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