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CE credits for Realtor's with Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending
  What happens if I use all the funds in my reverse line of credit?  That’s a great question! Once you have used all the funds available in your line of credit on a HECM reverse mortgage you can no longer take advances.  However, as far as repayment or any additional obligations, there are none. ...
Reverse Mortgages - What’s the catch? I hear that a lot, reverse mortgages sometimes sound too good to be true. ";You mean the bank will give me a loan that I don’t have to pay back until I die? Come on, really?  How do they make any money? There’s got to be more to the story!"; .... and there i...
Southern Oregon Reverse Mortgage Question - Can I get a reverse mortgage if my property is in a trust?   Most of the time the answer is yes. The trust must be revocable and all beneficiaries of the trust must be eligible borrowers. The trustee must have the power to encumber real property (get a...
Reverse Mortgage Question from Klamath Falls - "Sharon, what is MIP?"MIP is an acronym for Mortgage Insurance Premium. It is the cost of the insurance policy that is purchased at the time of funding an FHA (another acronym) loan.  MIP is charged in both forward and reverse FHA loans.  Purpose of...
  Klamath Falls Reverse Mortgage Question - How Much Can I Borrow?  I’m 66.For an personal estimate on reverse mortgage proceeds, contact a reverse mortgage consultant or a HUD Approved HECM Counselor.  But - based upon rates available today, 2/1/2011 here is a sample scenario that might help to ...
Bend Reverse Mortgage Question - I already have a mortgage, can I still qualify?You may still qualify for a reverse mortgage if you currently have a loan on your property and have sufficient equity. The reverse mortgage loan proceeds must be used to completely payoff off the current loan and the...
  Hello Klamath County! Let’s get started right off the bat with the basics about this often misunderstood “senior loan”. FHA calls their reverse mortgage loan program the HECM -  an acronym for “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage”.  When you hear people talking about a “heck-um” they are talking ab...

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CE credits for Realtor's with Sharon Falvey and Security One Lending