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There are many ways to build wealth and to achieve the goal of a comfortable retirement.  Many people have seen the examples demonstrated of the large amount that can be saved in interest charges by making larger than required payments on their home loan.  It's absolutely indisputable that a fast...
Okay it's obviously NOT possible to get into all the details to analyze a self-employed client in this venue.  But there are a few things that could be addressed here.  To start with, I'll suggest a few ways to select an experienced lender; and to end with, I'll provide a few tips about becoming ...
It's important to give back to the community that supports us and here's how we do it.  It starts by offering loan programs to First-Time-Buyers which includes County and City DAP (Down-payment Assistance Programs).  Many lenders avoid doing these because they are low profit (and sometimes NO pro...
Ronald Reagan said about the Russians, "Trust, but verify."  I say the same goes for the lender a consumer selects.  Prices are important, rate and fee, but skill and communication reigns.  If the lender says a certain interest rate is being provided, the written documentation should support the ...
But the Option ARM is the "sophisticated" clients choice... don't you want to be sophisticated, too?  Unfortunately, this is the approach used by a cottage industry within the loan community (although presented more subtly) to the unsuspecting public.  A more direct approach of "How to sell a 7% ...
It's not about rate!  At least not at first.  Start with the experience of a friend.  Who did they use and how did they like them?  Reputation is key!  Word of mouth circulates both good and bad.  But you have to ask around and listen.  Real estate agents are a great source to get started.  They ...
Consumers don't know how to seek a home loan, so they often go about it in exactly the wrong way.  Calling a half dozen lenders, spreadsheet at hand, and asking the most important questions: "What's your best rate and lowest fee?"  So, what's wrong with this?  The consumer is most likely to selec...

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