Our CEO, Rick Bengson, hosted a 20-minute video presentation for real estate broker/owners and real estate brokerage executives entitled “Avoiding the Brokerage Minefield.” Armed with over $327,000 worth of data gathered specifically for running a real estate brokerage, the presentation illustrat...
San Diego, Calif. – Showing Suite, Inc. An unprecedented strategic move by Showing Suite is stirring noise throughout the MLS community. The long time leader in providing agent and office solutions which includes HomeFeedback™ has moved into the MLS space with a free Showing Calendar system. (Con...
Did you know Showing Suite's HomeFeedback and Showing Calendar software integrates with Supra and SentriLock electronic lockboxes along with with FlexMLS, RapattoniMLS, Tempo, Marketlinx and other MLS software? (Continue..)
The familiar methods of providing real estate feedback is over the telephone and fax have become obsolete. Most calls placed to the buyer's agent only result in leaving a voicemail, and chances are you won't receive a call-back. (Continue)
It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Showing Suite, but as a result we're pleased to announce the most recent release of software upgrades! Showing Suite 3.5 includes a ton of new features - from the new user dashboard to lead management features for real estate offices/teams - and they're al...
While at Real Estate Connect, I attended a demonstration presented by Microsoft offering great technology that can prove useful for your real estate business. With a unique set of capabilities, it’s definitely a tool you’ll want to add to your real estate software arsenal – and it doesn’t cost a ...
August is almost done and we’ve rolled out some more updates for you to enjoy. If you’re a current Showing Suite subscriber then you will be pleased knowing these updates are available to you at no additional charge. Not a Showing Suite user? Well then head over to our website, sign up, and you c...
Here at Showing Suite we often get feedback from users regarding our software and staff. Here’s a client testimonial we received recently that I wanted to share with all of you – I had a great online help experience with Home Feedback and I wanted to share. I’m new to the program and couldn’t fin...
Last week at Real Estate Connect I was able to see some great ideas for real estate SEO, or real estate search engine marketing for those who aren’t familiar with the terminology. (Continue..)
Many of Showing Suite real estate software users don't utilize the simple yet very effective method to drive more traffic to their real estate website by adding a seller login. It's free, takes just a couple minutes to setup, and everything you need is included in your Showing Suite account! Read...

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