Having a real estate blog is a great way for any REALTOR® to generate traffic on their website, climb the search engines, demonstrate their expertise in the real estate business, and build their brand. Problem is many wonder if they actually have the time to maintain one. (Continue to full post..)
It’s an ongoing discussion whether or not the buyer’s agent should take the time to provide their home buyers’ feedback to the listing agent after a showing. Some buyer’s agents argue that it’s not their responsibility, it’s too time consuming, they can’t remember the property in question, or tha...
It’s the classic real estate agent tale: You’ve just landed yourself a new listing and the ride is going smooth until the seller pulls the emergency brake without warning by suggesting you list the home well over market value in order to “aim high and drop down later”. Although you may be despera...
Negotiations are a large part of a real estate agent’s job and it’s imperative that one masters the concept of it to succeed in the real estate industry. Proper negotiation allows one to bring compromise between two or more people, resulting in both parties feeling as if they won. Do most real es...
So the thought of buying real estate leads has crossed your mind one time or another. If you search “real estate leads” on any search engine, you’re bound to find countless companies that promise to deliver legitimate real estate leads directly to your inbox for some type of fee. (Read full post..)
In today’s technology driven world, your real estate website plays a crucial role in your business. Not only does your real estate website provide you an online presence to easily reach a broad audience, but it helps you create and strengthen relationships with those who stumble upon it. Yes, you...
When someone comes to view your property for sale, you will want them to be moved emotionally to the point where they decide, “Yes, I want to buy this house.” Whether you want to admit it or not, properly staging your home can play a subconscious role in a buyer’s mind to give them the ammunition...
Your listing presentation should be life affirming. Don’t make the mistake of incorporating the following examples into your listing presentation which are guaranteed flatliners. (Full Post)
There is no shortage of ads claiming to offer you the ’secret sauce’ how to get expired listings of how to get expired listings. But guess what? I’ll let you in on a little something (voice lowers into a hushed tone)…there is no secret. What you need to know is when to dig deeper and earn the sal...
‘It’s the little things that count.’ This quote rings true in any situation and it’s no different when it comes to real estate marketing. With the holiday season comes a great opportunity to leverage the tiniest gestures in order to drive your business. (Full Post)

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