If you’ve had the pleasure of running realtor websites – whether it’s a real estate blog or a company real estate website – you know that content is king to keep visitors engaged long enough to make a sale. Properly sprinkle a few keywords into your realtor website content and you’ve got the ball...
You probably have a personal Facebook page, but do you have a Facebook page for your business?With over 350 million users logging into Facebook every day, it would be crazy for you to not include Facebook in your real estate internet marketing strategy. Facebook provides a unique way for real est...
Do you send out real estate marketing newsletters to your leads, existing clients, and past clients? Many real estate agents send out a periodic real estate marketing newsletter to stay fresh in the minds of clients in leads, hoping to someday lead into a new or repeated sale. (Read more..)
As a real estate agent, you understand the benefits of having a real estate program to gather showing feedback on a property that can be used to get the home sold. The real question is… how can you demonstrate the advantages of having said real estate program to sellers and use that as a competit...
Is your home not selling? Figuring out the exact reason why your home isn't selling can be a difficult task if you have a list of reasons working against you. (Read full post)
Beyond using your personal judgment or going with what your schedule allows, you can easily determine how soon you should follow up with your real estate sales leads by first determining how imperative it is for you to make contact. (Read full post)
Do you have agent caravans in your area? Having a group of 20, 30, 40, or more real estate agents touring your listings before they hit the market definitely couldn’t hurt – and the agent caravan feedback could prove extremely beneficial for you and your sellers. (Read full post)
While many real estate professionals are focusing all of their attention towards the internet to make sure they are implementing the most effective real estate marketing ideas to draw in more clients, we cannot forget to utilize real estate marketing ideas that will build your brand offline. (Rea...
Previously I’ve written about your real estate website cover all bases and while many of us manage to fill our real estate websites with captivating content we may forget one important thing – making the website search engine friendly. After all, what good is your real estate website if it’s not ...
Real Estate Agents are constantly on the move. Whether it’s scheduling showing appointments, meeting with clients to visit properties or discuss the next steps to sell a home, there’s always something to do. When does one have time to connect with new leads and nurture the relationship into a sal...

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