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A short sale is like a saving grace for many homeowners with financial hardship. It allows you to escape with less of a hit on your credit rating if you are unable to pay your mortgage with less of a hit on your credit rating. However, it is a long and strenuous process. Without proper guidance, ...
A short sale occurs as an alternative to foreclosure. It involves three major parties. A buyer, a seller, and a lender. The time it takes for the seller to find a buyer can increase the length of time to close the sale. Even when this has been done, it is subject to the lender's approval. The len...
Many home sellers are discouraged when their homes don't sell in the first 30 days. Other homes will take even longer than that to sell. While it can ruin your plans, there are options for when your home does not sell. Below, I will highlight some factors that could cause a delay in the sale of y...
Selling a condo can be a complex process, especially for the inexperienced. And even if you have sold a home before, selling a condo in Uptown Charlotte, NC, can be different. Condos are a unique housing concept and with a unique market too. You need a solid marketing strategy to sell a condo uni...
Charlotte, the Queen City, is the second-largest banking town in the United States. The city is also famous for its diversity, dining, and career opportunities. The convenience of transportation, shopping, and extensive neighborhoods makes it a good idea to move to Charlotte, NC. The cost of livi...
If you're a Charlotte, NC homeowner, you'll be glad to know that even in these unprecedented times, home prices have still stayed strong. According to a report by Zillow, the average middle-price home in Charlotte, NC, costs $272,664. While in January 2020, the cost of a house was about $250K, it...
Lack of affordability remains a challenge for many cities across the country. However, it has never been a problem for Charlotte, NC. Charlotte ranks as the 4th best real estate market to invest in for the whole of the US. The current valuation of the houses here surpasses the national median. It...
When a homeowner can no longer pay off their mortgage in Charlotte, NC, the house may be foreclosed. However, a short sale is a better alternative to an eventual foreclosure. In a short sale, a house sells for less than, or short of, the amount left on the mortgage. This frees the homeowner of th...
A short sale is a favorable alternative to a foreclosure. This is especially true as in regards to its impact on the homeowner’s credit score. A short sale in North Carolina can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years. But, with proper management, it is possible to get a new mortgage in as...
Well, there is no definite answer. Some say this deal is not ideal in Charlotte NC while others say it is a smart move. In our opinion, buying a short sale house in Charlotte NC is a great opportunity. You should have some knowledge before jumping into this market. First of all, it is important t...

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