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A “snap pack” mailer is a highly effective direct mail piece that has a HUGE open rate because it’s mean to look important, secure and confidential. The IRS uses this to send refund checks from Uncle Sam. This pressure snap pack mailer is perforated on three sides for easy and official opening. L...
One of the challenges when marketing to homeowners in pre foreclosure is to overcome their mistrust. In order to unthaw these emotionally frozen homeowners that are often feeling embarrassment, shame and guilt, it takes an entirely different mindset that what most agents are use to. Most agents s...
Here's a guided script I came across that you can use when delivering your message of hope and solutions to distressed homeowners in person.  Knock knock (stand away from the door and if you hear someone coming to the door, turn your head backwards to disarm the homeowner) When the homeowner come...
A subscriber to our pre foreclosure data used the following post card to get sixteen listings in a month’s time. She sent the postcard out to homeowners 60 days late, multiple times. Each time, she changed the font color. After the third mailing, she followed up with a phone call or a personal vi...
Hello all, I hope that upon finding this post, your real estate business is thriving. We're often asked for sample mail pieces and verbiage to use when marketing to a list of homeowners in pre foreclosure. We asked Hoss Pratt, dubbed the “Prospecting King”, to put together a guided script to use ...
The diamond industry are masterful marketers. Think about it. Who would spend thousands of dollars on a little rock that comes from the earth, and a rock that is actually pretty abundant? The answer is no one. The answer lies not in the gemological properties of the rock, but what that rock conve...
Yellow Letters are a tried and true marketing vehicle to reach motivated sellers. The yellow letter is a handwritten, usually brief message on old school yellow ruled paper and it's magic lies in it's personal touch, look and feel. To visualize the yellow letter, you can download pdf samples at h...


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