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We're often asked what works and what doesn't work when reaching out to homeowners in pre foreclosure. The reality is, there are a host of variables that determine the success rate of your marketing, be it online, offline, or ideally a combination of both. Your design, your copy, your call to act...
I’ve had some riveting dialog with a client that asked me to build a list of homeowners that are strategically defaulting on their mortgage payment. I knew this was a topic that had to be explored in a blog post. Early on in our conversation, he cited Brent T. White, a University of Arizona law p...
While calling distressed homeowners on the Do Not Call List is a slippery slope that has the potential hefty fines, a lot of agents feel that they are exempt from the do not call regulations. The sentiment is they are not really "selling anything", but rather, providing advice on the borrower's a...
The web form on your website are the gateway to conversion, through which all leads must pass. Have you taken a look at your web form lately to see if it's user friendly and conducive to capturing leads? One of the biggest impediments to online conversion is asking for too much information. Case ...
In an earlier post, we introduced the Yellow Letter as a marketing vehicle to deliver your message of home and solutions to distressed homeowners. The yellow letter is a handwritten, usually brief message on old school yellow ruled paper and is sent to homeowners with the offer to buy or lis the...

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