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This blog will be dedicated to reverse mortgages in Florida and throughout the country. I will be writing insightful posts which will benefit our consumers which we will share the blog with.
There are many different reasons why one would consider a reverse mortgage. One is for healthcare expenses. Does it makes sense to take out a reverse mortgage for healthcare expenses? The answer really depends on the individual and their circumstances. Unless it is absolutely necessary, yes you s...
2015 has officially come and gone. Over the past month, I have pondered what I should do differently in 2016, as I feel every business can use improvement. There are a few critical changes I will be making to Shop Reverse Mortgages and I wanted to share these changes with the ActiveRain community...
Wearing many hats, it may be extremely difficult to blog daily. You may have to show 5 houses today, follow up on leads, go to a closing, etc. Where can you find the time? To some, blogging just simply "isn't worth it". For it takes way to much time to pay its dividends. Fear not, I understand wh...
If you are curious how to flood your pipeline with leads from prospects who are reaching out to you because they are looking for a home for sale, than this post is for you. I have many friends who are realtors and also friends who run internet marketing agencies with huge success. In fact, one of...
When one enters retirement, they often are faced with a very important choice. Should you save money/invest or should you pay down debt? This questions is really individual based so we will take a look at what makes the most sense from a financial perspective. Recently, an article on MarketWatch ...
For seniors over the age of 62, some feel their retirement has snuck up on them. Perhaps the massive decline of the stock market in 2008 hampered a retirement account. In instances like this, using a reverse mortgage as a retirement tool  may be a  necessary approach.Many have resorted of using t...
Many visitors to our website ask us if reverse mortgage interest rates change. To answer this question, we must look at the different reverse mortgage products that are available to homeowners over the age of 62. There are both fixed rate reverse mortgages as well as variable rate reverse mortgag...
A reverse mortgage in Aventura, FL can be a great retirement tool in the right circumstances. We would like to share our top 3 reasons for a reverse mortgage in Aventura. According to towncharts, the median age is just over 46 years old. While short 16 years from a reverse mortgage perspective, t...
Lets review the top 3 reverse mortgage disadvantages. Reverse mortgages are a fantastic financial product in the right circumstances, but that doesn't mean that they are perfect.Those who are in the reverse mortgage industry who are afraid to clearly layout the disadvantages are doing potential c...
This post will be about reverse mortgage lenders vs. reverse mortgage brokers.When a homeowner over the age of 62 determines they need additional financial resources and only have their home as a source for income, the brain starts to turn. What can one do? After a heavy blitz of TV commercials o...

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