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Working seems 24/7 during Spring and I have so much yard care to do before summer, so had an idea.  What if I conduct an Open House at my home on Sundays to attract some traffic and when clients drop by I lock the front door and don't let them escape without at least an hour or two of work in my ...
I found a darling couple to rent a home to 3 months ago.  They were so excited as this home was huge, beautiful and so THEM.  But the day came to sign the lease and the husband lost his job that morning!  They needed to move back home to Florida and start over.  After 3 months now, I get an email...
Nothing funnier than a group of eager agents trying to learn a new program that sends contracts from the listing agent to the sellers, back to the listing agent, to the buyers agent, to the buyers, back to the listing agent, then to whoever.  We all took a roll to play and tried passing the contr...
I'm not complaining.  Well, maybe a tad :)  I mean, I spent a ton on a new computer and of course I should not expect in todays times that I spend 99% of my adult life trying to figure out why the new computer doesn't want to transfer my old files from an external backup system to the new one.  E...
Today was a first.  Contract ratified and immediately my cell phone dies and my computer dies and my laptop can't seem to handle the email attachment!   And people think mailing a contract takes to long?  Had to turn in my phone for repair and buy a new computer.  That old stamp would have been m...
Have a relaxful evening.  You were expecting something clever or even intelligent??  Too tired :)
I have a video website that allows me to market companies I have personally worked with or were highly recommended from people I trust.  Now these companies do not visit these blogs, but maybe they should. If I say I'm going to do something, I will break my back to do it at the time I said I woul...
A young couple found me at an open house recently and four days later called and wanted to work with me.  Two other agents ignored them, never returning their calls for help.....thank goodness! I inherited them instead and took them out on their first showings.  After only 5 showings, they knew t...
....and apparently the listing agent hadn't either and HE put it in a counter offer today.  The bargain was to cut short a so-called transferrable Home Warrnty and let my clients take over the last 5 months.  Now I've never heard of anything less than one year before and this was never an issue i...
Another morning and more rain.  I realize it's Spring, but here I sit at my computer watching all the geese and ducks enjoying the lake and looking for places to make their nests.  I could be out there selling them a nice small condo if they'd only listen to me.  I could convince them rates are s...


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