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The Good and Bad of a Home Warranty   Home warranties, also known as residential service contracts, are supposed to cover the repair and/or replacement of certain systems or appliance that fail due to normal use during the term of the contract. A home warranty is different from insurance in that...
How Do You View Homes? We are such a visual breed. When folks go out shopping for a home, they go into a home and see the owner’s décor, and judge that home from what they see.  We recently listed our home for sale, and we are amused at the remarks agents leave from themselves or their clients.  ...
Looking For Your New Dream Home? As a REALTOR, I have to tell my clients, when showing them new homes, what you see is not what you are going to get.  The builders have the model homes professionally decorated, with every upgrade possible.  You may be looking at a $290K base price home, but the w...
Now why are you bringing the kids with you to the new house? I see kid’s house hunting with mom and dad. They hit the door and do a complete run through of the house in 6.2 seconds and have announced which room is theirs.  Kids have no respect for your privacy.  Not even in the bathroom. They don...
How Much Should I Tip I was talking to someone the other day about Pizza...and pizza delivery. Mentioned something about adding extra for a tip for the delivery person since it was bad weather. They said “You are supposed to tip the delivery guy? I have never done it…didn’t even think about it…di...
Narrative Clip Camera How many times have we wished we had a photo of something happening right then? But by the time we get our camera out, or our phone out…the moment has passed. Have your heard about the Narrative Clip Camera? You simply wear it, and it takes a 5 mega pixel photo every 30 seco...
Austin Sucks-Don’t Move Here In real estate that is what we want to hear.  I sell houses, but don’t move here.  A local artist is having some fun with Austin.  See her poster here.  Granted, all her points are valid.  Our traffic is horrible.  I avoid I35 like the plague.  We call it the “Parking...
Great Leander, TX Restaurant I am sure like everyone else, we are always looking for somewhere to eat that is new and different and close to home.  But when you find it, and the menu is serving all your favorite things, and reasonably priced…Winner…Winner….Crawfish Dinner! We finally got a chance...
Exceeding Your Real Estate Expectations in Austin TX Example of what not to do.... Wendy's Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche                  Here is what they advertised:                                                           Here is what you get: This is one reason I like to exceed expectatio...
Where can I see Christmas lights around Austin? December is almost here, and the countdown to Christmas is on. Here is a list of some of the holiday displays around town that will get you into the spirit of the season:  * 37th Street lights -- The homes on 37th Street at Guadalupe do their part e...


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