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The Innocence Project I am sort of re-blogging something I did from a couple years ago, with the new numbers and some minor changes. It is a cause I support, because I know we have a flawed system. Can you imagine the police showing up at your home or office and arresting you or your child for a ...
Inform your buyers with a Design Presentation We have a listing presentation-Why not a design presentation for buyers? There are a lot of distressed properties out there. Some just need carpet and paint and some a little more. First time buyers want something of their own. They usually just don’t...
How many towns do not have an internet MLS? I was working with a client who had her home listed in another state. She wanted to purchase a home here in the Austin area as soon as her home sold. I contacted her agent to get her thoughts on our clients home since I wasn’t able to find it on the int...
I want some Personality! Does it seem after looking at houses day after day…they all start to look alike? Does it seem they are all white boxes in different sizes with the boxes just arranged different? I know that builders in sub divisions try hard to not make them look cookie cutter, but they u...
Why I don’t spend dollars on print advertising. I hear this over and over again. All buyers come from the internet. Have you ever wondered how many people over the age of 45 have no idea how to use a computer? How do the numbers jump at age 55, or 65? Are you spending your money on internet marke...
Why does a real estate agent not answer their phone? My cell phone is duct taped to my hip during the day and on my bedside at night. I have been reading all the posts on agents who don’t give out cell phone numbers, only allow calls during banking hours and such. Those must be the ones I try to ...
My niece Alexandra owns her own photography business, so her new son is Kodak material.
How do you make snow ice cream? Since we have the best of everything here in the Austin area….that includes good weather. We don’t get to see the blizzards and snow falls that many of you do. However, I don’t miss shoveling snow, scraping ice, snow boots, icy roads, salt sludge, and just freezing...
I’ve been tagged by my friend Amanda Simpson to share a little about myself to my fellow Rainers. If you get tagged, please copy and paste the next paragraph in your blog, so the next person knows how to play: I'd like to know what YOUR Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is for 2011. I'd also like t...
Yes, you can buy the first house I show you. I usually spend hours going through listing after listing trying to find the right match for my client. In fact yesterday I did a search which came back with 664 results. I sent my client 5 listings. I don’t want to waste their time, and I don’t want t...

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