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Mortgage financing to buy shared fractional property interests has been in very short supply over the last couple of years. A new company Securities Based Fractional Funding has just started to provide securities based financing to luxury fractional buyers, owners and developers. The Securities B...
The latest research from Ragatz Associates shows the overall North American market for shared ownership at $860m in 2009.   This was a drop of about 44% from 2008 numbers, with roughly equal drops amongst destination clubs, residence clubs and fractional homes.
A new destination club combined with a luxury home exchange just launched. The Demeure Club lets members exchange time at their own vacation home with time at other members homes. An interesting twist is that you don't need to own a vacation home to join. The club will also buy its own homes for ...
I just came back from the Ragatz fractional conference this week. One interesting panel was on financing fractionals. Well, it turns out there isn't any financing or at least none of the 4 folks on the panel currently had access to any financing sources. This applied to both developer financing a...
According to figures compiled by Ragatz Associates the level of fractional sales in 2008 dropped to $1.5bn, a fall of about 34% compared to 2007. The Ragatz number include destination clubs, private residence clubs and "fractional interests", but don't really cover sales of individual fractional ...
Destination clubs own portofolios of luxury vacation homes around the world. Members of these clubs have the right to use the homes, with the number of nights that a member stays varying based on the level of the membership plan. The members of equity destination clubs have an ownership interest ...


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