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When consumers decide to build a custom home, many things run through their minds. How do I find a Builder I can trust? How much am I going to spend building my dream home? What kind of things do I need to know about building my home? How long will it take to construct my home? Probably the most ...
Well, I am sure the housing market is what is on everyone's mind! I realize that so many of us use the national news media to report on what we don't have time to verify or read. I have TWO pieces of advice: 1) Don't trust everything you hear, research independent sources. 2) Remember Real Estate...
Okay, so things have changed! We are moving into a buyer's market. NO NEED TO WORRY, just be prepared. You need to stand out from the competition and Pricing Right is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Buyer's always want deals and with the recent aggressive escalation in sales prices, they are becoming very ch...

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