DisclosureSave with Maps on the California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA-CA) FormDisclosureSave is happy to announce the inclusion of "DisclosureSave with Maps" on the California Residential Purchase Agreement form since March 1st 2017.This will allow realtors and agents login to the www.zi...
Build a network of peers to further increase the overall social reach of each sales representative for your company.Decide the topics, what to share and with whom to share it with (the sales representatives will be your network of people who will share content to expand your reach so that you sta...
Do you care about your clients? Do you care about their needs, their desires and do you think of their problems as your own problems? These are some of the questions you should answer before even sitting at the negotiation table or go to an open house.  If you care and protect your clients and if...

Shelly Al-Hashash

Vice President Sales at DisclosureSave NHD
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