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I received a comment on my YouTube channel yesterday that really made me think.  The comment was asking how she could save money if she was living paycheck to paycheck and never has any money to save. This really made me think about how every little bit of money that we can bring into our househo...
Depending on your situation you may have a little more time on your hands as you are practicing social distancing and self-isolation. If you're having trouble finding things to do, why not work on your budget? One of the most popular excuses for not having a budget is lack of time. Now is the tim...
2020 has started out quite interesting. I'm working on recovering from a dismal 4th quarter and trying to focus on the things in my business that will give me the best return on investment. For me, this means getting rid of my dependence on Pinterest as my main source of blog traffic and focusing...
I had really high hopes for this time of year when it came to my business.  I mean the 4th quarter is supposed to be the best time for bloggers. Right? Well, let's just say that nothing went according to my plans.  I wanted to release a set of new products in my Shopify store, I wanted to release...
From the title, it might sound like I'm talking about football but I'm not. I'm talking about the 4th business quarter of the year. As a blogger/content creator this can be one of the best times of the year.  This depends on your niche of course. For most bloggers, page views and affiliate sales ...
Fall officially starts in two days and I am so excited. Although I love the warm weather and fun activities of Summer, I am always so happy when fall arrives. The cooler temperatures (not, light jackets, the leaves changing colors, the clothes and the holidays are all pretty exciting ...
Getting older is something that we all have to look forward to but I just want to say that THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. I'm 46 years old (47 in December 2019) and let's just say my body is not cooperating with me. I've always been a tiny framed person that has never really had to worry about her weight....
Lately, when I've been thinking about the content that I post on my blog I have really been thinking about those in need. I've had a few members of the HWS family reach out to me and tell me about their financial situations. Each one is different and requires more than just generic ways to achiev...
One of the best parts about going to the spa is its wonderful aroma. You instantly feel peaceful and relaxed as soon as you enter. Wouldn't it be nice to add these relaxing smells to your home? Imagine walking into your house after working for the day and instantly feeling relaxed.  How to Make Y...
An emergency fund is a financial best practice that every homeowner needs to adhere to. It will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that you do not go into debt. An emergency fund is a money that you put aside to use in case something happens that will cost you a large lump sum of money...

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