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We at the Active Rain Communtiy have decided to debate whether an Adjustable Rate Mortgage or a Fixed Mortgage is better for our borrowers. WHAT A GREAT QUESTION!Our Parents and even our grandparents will argue until they are BLUE in the face that a FIXED RATE is a better road traveled. They love...
Hello Everyone,   As we all know it wasn't until very recently that the American public shifted its goals in Homeownership. The goal use to be to pay the home off. What happend? Home Prices soared and material things became heavily desired. These material things were so desired that we started ca...
As of tomorrow it will be June 1st. The sun will be out longer and burn hotter. Maybe even hotter than we'd like it to. People, along with their friends and family will gather around their swimming pools and respective BBQ pits to enjoy what we all are so blessed to have! Freedom. Along with that...
05/31/2007 Let me know what you all think!
For the last year and a half we have listened to the media destroy our industry. Along with negative media press we have also had a huge correction. Corrections are normal and a part of owning real estate. Don't get me wrong...This particular correction was very quick and steep. BUT THAT IS OK! I...
I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the article that hit the Conta Costa Times recently. Apparently, American Express is allowing people to pay their Mortgage with revolving credit card. Ouch! I don't see the benefit here. As we all know with AmEX you have to pay off your balance monthl...
Good Morning and Happy Wednesday to everyone! I have something very important I would like to write about today and I only hope that you all read it and find real value in my words. Over the last three months I have come across a few situations where new borrowers of mine wanted to consolidate so...
Are you struggling to find a lender who can CLOSE your Million Dollar transaction? I have numerous lenders who I have attained  relationships with that consistantly deliver for me. Ex: I just closed a $3 Million Dollar Purchase with a 90% CLTV. Along with that certains banks do not require season...

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