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Processional Caterpillars - caterpillars were lined up on the rim of a plant pot. They continued circling until they fell from exhaustion - even though food was only inches away within the pot. The follow the leader instinct is stronger than the will to survive! They did not know to ask, the seemingly obvious question.
I see the moonand the moon sees meThe moon sees the somebody I'd like to see..... Melancholy longing, Heightened by a full moon. A blue Moon. Alone, but not lonely. In a new town. In a new Home. Delicious sensations, mingle at the brink of discovery. Look upwards. Once, in a blue moon.    
It snowed yesterday, and it is snowing today. November 21/10 and my new community is blanketed in snow. This was not supposed to happen. Visions of a green Christmas have vanished from my mind, replaced by the reality of snow, gravel, ice and slush. This was not supposed to happen, I sigh, sippin...
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ... everywhere you go.... Mistletoe is being strung, lights, tinsel, trees, Santa is arriving, along with sacks full of gifts, parties - food and alcohol. Now is the time to send out the Customer Appreciation invites, Season office Parties, Secret Santa...
Every once in a while I ponder "Why did I move here?"  What propelled me to pack up my belongings, bid adieu to my friends and neighbors and trek across the country to relocate, to begin building a lifestyle and business again, in a new Province, a new City, a new Community? Then I look out the w...
Today is the day for the 5th Annual Never Alone Luncheon to be held in Winnipeg. And I am in Kelowna, feeling a pang of loneliness - frowning at the irony of the titled event and Foundation "Never Alone". As a champion of the cause, and an active participant over the past 4 years - Why am I alone...
A LoveMark is a Product Service or Entity, that inspires Loyalty Beyond Reason. Written by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, LoveMarks - The Future Beyond Brands-  took the Branding frenzy and lit it on fire. Elevate your brand, Suddenly Branding was no longer the target (unless, of course...
Last week I wrote a few blogs on the 7 Factors that cause Influence and how you can use one, two or all 7 of the factors to influence the outcome of a sales process or transaction. Consistency creates trust. People can rely on you to act the same way, they can count on a similar experience whenev...
While on the topic of advising Faith, to keep her beliefs, and/or her child... "Keep the baby faith.  vs. Keep the Baby, Faith. " (my last blog) I found my thoughts wandering over to other punctuation and gramamar offspring. Lately I have found myself in a communication conundrum. Is it still imp...
My best friend once told me you can say anything, with a smile. Then he proceeded to say the most profound statements, while enticing me with his charismatic grin, a full toothed smile, twinkling eyes, and a knowing nod. "You are a total &^^^%^&% idiot." He stated, while nodding his head, display...
If I procrastinate, stating I will do it then (after Christmas, when the snow falls or once I finish dinner) and that time has now passed, and I realize it would be sinful to procrastinate again (re-wring my TO DO list onto the new page for the 15th day in a row, as an example) then in order to t...

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