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Processional Caterpillars - caterpillars were lined up on the rim of a plant pot. They continued circling until they fell from exhaustion - even though food was only inches away within the pot. The follow the leader instinct is stronger than the will to survive! They did not know to ask, the seemingly obvious question.
The lake today was the bluest of blues, the early morning cloudless sky reflected into a million pear shaped diamonds, tossed around by the wind. Probably 4 or 5 ct stones..... Although I awoke with a burning desire for accomplishments, the beauty of the day lured me outdoors, to walk, muse, and ...
Seasonal Lakefront, very quiet and secluded property. Acessible only by boat. Includes submerged bridges, man made sand dune, a few culverts, the occasional car, and numerous sunken rain boots. Great for diving, and treasure hunting. Wet suit required. Located just North of the 49th Parallel. Cal...
Sometimes it's not enough to simply toss the bags. Sometimes we need to step into a leadership role, and, well - Build the dike.  For more indepth information and knowldege on Stepping up to the Dike, please visit   . Build the Dike Dike sho...
And the Rain keeps a'comin' all night long .... the rain keeps a'comin'.... One of the mysteries of mankind is our perchance to build communities in low lying areas; erect high rise buildings along fault lines; and construct Nuclear plants on precarious shorelines. To this end, Winnoipeg is once ...
The ducks in the Okanagan Lake never line up. I think they missed the memo. Scattered randomly along the shore, pecking, diving, little butts stuck skyward as they dive for tasty water bugs. But never in a row. Sometimes it is the break from form, pattern or dare I say 'the norm' that creates an ...
... in that moment ~ I am no longer a part of your future, I start quickly becoming a part of your past, but in that instant ~ I get to share part of your present, and you get to share mine. And that is the greatest prescence of all.... Sarah Kay at TED. Do you remember life before TED?
Does it happens to all of us? Or is it just me?  One day we are exercising feverishly, gym dates chronologically scheduled with upper or lower body parts, vitamin and boost drinks line the shelves, and the next, apathy sets in and the road, the weights, the running shoes loose their appeal. Neon ...
Whether you are a Realtor, a Buyer, a Stager or Designer - chances are you've been broadsided by a seller with just too much 'stuff'. And the need to have 'that' discussion.  "WOW! I Love your tea cups! All the way from China? Exquisite display ... But.... it would be such a shame if a Buyer acci...
The Globe and Mail announced this week that the real estate market in Winnipeg for 2011 is forecasted to be the HOTTEST in Canada. As I type this my thermometer is shivering at a sub 30 below Celsius (k. you Americans... a conversion is needed at this time to REALLY get the feel for our weather) ...
I have often thought, one of the traits that make for a good Realtor or Sales Professional is Versatility. The ability to accept, adapt and adhere to ideas other than your own. To know your values and beliefs, but not to allow those beliefs and values to run rampant over others who may have diffe...

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