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Processional Caterpillars - caterpillars were lined up on the rim of a plant pot. They continued circling until they fell from exhaustion - even though food was only inches away within the pot. The follow the leader instinct is stronger than the will to survive! They did not know to ask, the seemingly obvious question.
On November 19th I will be invited to vote in my first British Columbia Municipal Election. As a registered voter, I qualify to place my vote or X beside the 1-Mayor (5 Candidates)  and 8-City Councilor's (42 Candidates) who I deem will best represent my needs over the next 3 years. That is corre...
It's really the story about a cow. I often read about the wonders of connectivity, networking, uniting, and referring. How being a Rain Maker can change your profitability in the Real Estate Market. Lots of success stories, remarkable, and true. Exciting stuff! My Active Rain story is slightly di...
Activated! My first Listing in Kelowna, British Columbia!! ROCK STAR PARKING for ROCKET GAMES, CONCERTS and SHOWS!!! Imagine, no more circling around downtown searching for a perfect parking space - from the day you take ownership,  you will be walking to theatres, restaurants, art galleries, Pro...
Tonight was supposed to be a good night for all my Canuck friends. But after 60 minutes of nail biting play - our team was unable to shut down the Bruins. Or shut out, or push back or score against, for that matter. The Boston net remained an illusive target for the Canuks, unlike the unprotected...
A rolling stone gathers no moss. I have observed, recently that people are moving more. Traveling, journeying, relocating. The words  Pilgrimage, Mission, Trek or Expedition roll of the tongue as easily as community, residence, long-term, family home. Which leads me to the question - if you could...
I felt a shiver of anticipation, gratitude and glory run down my spine last night as I strolled the boardwalk, along the shores of Lake Okanagan, admiring the fuchsia hues of the setting sun, watching the wildlife preparing for nightfall. A beaver chewed methodically on his willow twig, the carp ...
Raindrops fall gently outside my window, the rhythmic sound of droplets magnified by the waterfall effect of the eight balconies, drain pipes and concrete siding above. Joined by the monotonous trickles from my slate fountain, sending an endless stream of murky water over an international collect...
Positive Thinking or the power of Power Thoughts gets a lot of press these days. If You Can Dream It, You Can Be It, The Secret, Thoughts become Actions- all the affirmations, and declarations spoon fed to us daily with our Shreddies. Vision Boards, Fridge Magnets, Bumper Stickers and Billboards....
As Realtors we are tied to "Truisms". Ensuring we collect the facts, double check the details, create paper trails, signatures and perform thousands of reality (AKA Realty) checks. Logical reasoning becomes the savior  of our existence, or the bain of it. Perhaps this legal obsession for logical,...
I have heard it say "The grass is greener" on the other side of the fence, the border, the world. As I wandered looking for that slice of sod, I stumbled across this window, in the Holy Land, somewhere between the borders of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt lies this 70sm property, 1 bedroom, sin...

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