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As a non-native Tennessean, I enjoy learning about what the middle Tennessee region has to offer. Join me as I explore local attractions, events, businesses and culture.
Don’t Trash Your Stash! - Reuse Greeting Cards to Make Gift Boxes   Since it’s getting close to the gift-giving holiday, I thought I would share a cute craft courtesy of one of my local clients:  how to create small gift boxes from greeting cards.  To give credit where credit is due, my client to...
Tips For Moving– Clean Out and Organize Early!   One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to someone who is moving is to start cleaning out and organizing your things as soon as you know you are going to be moving.  Even if you don’t start packing right away, just go through everything and ...
You just never know what you're going to run across while you're on your way to an appointment.  As a born and raised city girl, I am still surprised by the wildlife that shows itself along the highway, but sadly a lot of that wildlife ends up in the middle of the road.  In the rural areas, it's ...
Don't Trash Your Stash!  Recycle Books and Media Material at Your Library I went by the Lexington Public Library today to drop off a donation of books and was helped by a charming gentleman who volunteers at the Library.  I didn't catch his name (silly me, he was even wearing a nametag!), but he ...
A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Madison County Humane Society in Richmond, Kentucky, to drop off some donation items from a client.  While I was there, I said hello to the critters and got suckered in to playing with one of the residents.  Axel, an orange tabby grabbed my attention by bei...
Even Messy Kids Love to Get Organized! Many parents are at their wits end at trying to get their children or teens to clean up their messy room, and think that the youngsters would rather live in chaos.  But believe it or not, kids really do love to have an organized environment just as much as a...
Items You Might Throw In the Trash Can be Donated to Animal Rescue Groups I recently spoke with the local humane society (Humane Society A.L.L. of Madison County, Ky) about putting their donation wish list on my website and it inspired me send out a reminder that spring cleaning is a great way to...
Organizing Maintenance Tools - iRobot Roomba Vacuum Review For many people, half the problem with staying organized is keeping up with the maintenance.  While I always advocate for my clients to be realistic about how many activities can fit into their schedule, there are times when all of us nee...

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