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In Honor or is it the privilege , to be Me Me'd. And my first at that. My friend and fellow Home Stager Susan Smith from Rooms That Work has invited me to share tidbits from my life.  She is a veteran blogger on AR where I have been a bit delinquent in contributing here in the past few months. Th...
Not a day goes by these days, without a call from a frantic seller or Realtor. Not that I am complaining, on the contrary. My latest creation was a young couple with two mortgages, two small children and a former house with over 40 showings in three and a half months. The agent was not completely...
And A Party It shall be..  Connecticut is suffering from the same Down market as the rest of the country, but thankfully it is not as serious as other areas. Florida for one is almost a crisis. Let's Join the Connecticut Professionals Group and band together to make sales in Connecticut soar.As a...
The Ultimate Mystery Novel has your involved from the first chapter.  Like any good book, your house has a story. Whether it is an estate that is being settled, the transfer and promotion, out-growing the home or down-sizing to retirement, you home has a plot. Understanding the home's chapters an...
I got a call at Noon on a very hot and steamy Sunday from a Realtor that found me from a Google Search (thank you A/R !!). She was going on vacation and just got a call from a couple who had a little bungalow that had been listed for 6 months and the contract had expired. The Sellers were despera...
Isn't Life Grand..  You can play in Million Dollar Homes and get Paid to do it!!!My Vacant Staging Day went off without a hitch. I added the link to the Show my Blog (My First Vacant Staging) that put voice to my excitement of even being asked to quote a job in this price range. But Getting the B...
As some of you may know, Hancock is closing 170 stores nation wide.  i went in to the store in Fitchburg,Mass today after a trip to the Sewing Expo in Worcester. I have a great find. I bought 10 fabric samples (18 inchesx18 inches) at 99 cents each. I am going to sew them together in coordinating...
I received a message from a woman named Linder Akeem. This is a scam to get people to funnel money. PLEASE don't answer this...   Do a web search for the name Oseni Akeem and it leads you to Nigeria and UK banking skeems.. Watching for scams in not fun and I have no idea how this one found it's w...

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