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Ok, so I have some 'splaining to do... I went and made a fairly significant change and didn't inform the world of it (YET!).  Tisk, tisk, tisk!  You see, earlier today I got an email from another AR'er (no, I'm not part-pirate!) asking me about my virtual assistant services and how she visited my...
Okay, ladies and gentlemen.  Here's the lowdown.  Now that I've been using this program for a bout a week now, I can give you a better idea of what's my thoughts are on the products and how many thumbs up.  I would give it after now using it.  I am not going to make any alterations to this so tha...
Going, going, gone!  There goes another potential buyer!  Why?  Because you aren't willing to pay for the gas to drive them around (not to mention the water supply, snacks and possible lunch in between) just for them to decide not to buy "today"... So, is the cost of gas (and the let down of the ...
Now here's some technology that I never thought I would use...  What with having a speed typing rate of about 85 words per minute, I figured I could type faster than most other people, let alone any newfangled technology but my was I wrong! So here I am talking into my computer at what I believe ...
What?!  Never!  Are you sure?  Do you remember Britney Spears' mom was going to publish a parenting book last year, but due to completely unforeseen circumstances (oh, pleeease!!), it was pulled from publication?!  Well, you wouldn't take advice from Britney's mom (or Britney herself) for that ma...
Yep.  I'm giving you permission to put your pen down, put your typewriting fingers into your pockets and STOP WORKING! Why?  Well, first, because it is Memorial Day weekend and you should be giving yourself a well-deserved break, but mainly because you are wasting your time.  And what is time, la...
And they say things are slow!  They say things will only get worse!  They say the bubble burst almost 2 1/2 years ago here in Florida and won't be "inflating" again for another 2 1/2...  Ahhhh, who are "THEY"!? I say bollucks to that! I'm busier now than I have ever been in my Real Estate Virtual...
Hello Realtors & Mortgage Lenders alike,I have come across some very interesting information that I know will be considered HIGHLY valuable for every Realtor/Lender out there.Have you heard of Click to Talk capabilities?  Well if you haven't I am here to tell you that you need to know about it an...
How tag savvy are you anyway?!  If you know or have visited any of the following websites in the past 30 days, then more than likely you're well on your way to knight-hood in Internet savvyness (is that a word?!):stumbleupon.comslashdot.comreddit.comfurl.comfark.comtechnorati.comdel.icio.usdigg.c...

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