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As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is passionate about providing the very best real estate support, this blog will give you great information, the latest trends, tips and tools and freebies for success in your real estate business.
Build Your List With Instagram FollowersTurning Instagram Followers into ClientsIn terms of building your contact list, Instagram is an oftentimes overlooked social media network.  Facebook ads are normally the first platform we think of when we want to get more eyes on our website or product.  I...
Don't Fall into These 5 Blogging PitfallsCreating a blog post is more than putting "ink to paper".  A blog will rise and fall according to the readers' perception of your knowledge and credibility.  Protect yourself by avoiding these blogging pitfalls. Information - Not Sales - The best blog post...
 Business Branding and the Olive StoreWhy Branding Your Business is So ImportantIn 1961 my family moved from the Midwest to the West Coast.  Seven of us were packed into the family sedan.  My father had been a long haul trucker, so the 3-day trip along the two-lane road of Route 66 saw very littl...
Put These 5 Things on Your Blog Creation ChecklistSitting down to write a blog post can, at times, be daunting.  Finding an interesting topic to write about can be the most difficult part of the process.  Once you know what you want to write about, here are the  5 things you need to include on yo...
How to Add Promotional Video Content to Your Website and Blog Without Being on Camera A well-written website and blog provide a great opportunity for good search engine ranking. It also builds confidence and trust in your readers.  Video is more engaging than just writing plain text. As important...
Content Development for Readers and Google Content development walks a fine line between making sense to your readers and getting good SEO ranking from Google.  Your readers want valuable content that is easy to follow and understand. Google wants optimized content that can be intelligently index...
Don't Waste Your Time Posting on Social Media Without a ScheduleSocial Media SchedulingSocial media scheduling is as important as the post itself.  Timing your daily social media posts builds your following and drives traffic to your website and blog.  Without a social media schedule, you could b...
4 Tips for Crushing it on PinterestEvery day, millions of people use Pinterest to find ideas for all parts of their lives. More than 75% of the ideas on Pinterest come from businesses like yours, which is why you’re so important to Pinners. ~Pinterest While most people are focused on the "big 3" ...
5 Ways to Generate Leads by Satisfying the "WIIFM" QuestionLead Generation TipsLead generation is the goal of every email campaign, web page and marketing piece.  Offering relevant content is the start of lead generation.  It must answer your prospect's question, "What's in it for me?' - WIIFM.  ...
Simple Social Media Marketing in a NutshellAn Easy Strategy to Start Getting the Social Media Results You're Looking ForWhile many businesses thrive on social media, others still struggle to make it work for them.  A successful strategy starts with a plan.Create Your Social Media AccountsFacebook...

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