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As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is passionate about providing the very best real estate support, this blog will give you great information, the latest trends, tips and tools and freebies for success in your real estate business.



You may have already started to build your customer database or have one and are now wondering how to make it more profitable. Below are a few tips to help you do just that.   Don't Take it Personally - You get a notice that someone has unsubscribed from your list. Believe it or not, unsubscribes...
We all remember the part of Tom Sawyer where he's whitewashing the fence. As all his friends walk by, he lets them know how much fun he's having. Tom makes it sound so good that his friends eventually beg to help. That's the Tom Sawyer effect.   Putting the Tom Sawyer Effect to Work for You! How ...
Today, September 23rd, is National Eat Dinner With Your Children Day. This is something that's a little hard to do in a lot of family's hustle bustle lives but well worth the effort. Moms don't even have to do all the work. Get the kids involved in the kitchen. Not only is it great quality time; ...
Second Self Virtual Assistance was founded 17 years ago with a simple principle... help others and success will follow. "People will only take advantage of you if you give away too much" some of the naysayers said. And, yes, some people have taken advantage of us. Those people, however, are not t...
You've created a Facebook business page. Great! It's now probably becoming crystal clear, however, that there's more to successfully marketing than just creating the page. Your intentions and goals are realistic. You just need some guidance. Sharing Images and Information Add a face to your pages...
Fall is apple season! There are many varieties of apples to enjoy in a variety of ways. How do you choose which apples are best for pies? Are you wanting to make applesauce? Here's a handy little list to help you decide which apples best suit each situation:   Best for snacking - Red Delicious, F...
How can you save money by easily creating your own marketing pieces? By using this free online photo editor, of course! Creating and producing marketing pieces can be really time-consuming as well as expensive. There are tons of free online photo editing tools but Fotor is a little different. Alo...
In your business approach, do you strive to have satisfied customers or are you going beyond "satisfied" to build a loyal customer base?   What's the Difference between a Satisfied Customer and a Loyal Customer? Research shows that about 65% of customers say they are satisfied with the services t...
Food trends come and food trends go. If you like a more adventurous dining experience, consider these three new trends. Duck Eggs - At West Bridge Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, chef and co-owner Matthew Gaudet offers duck eggs in a jar. They are cooked with potato puree and wild mushroo...
One of the strategies for a successful website definitely needs to be creating happy visitors; ones who are glad they came to your site and those who come back for a repeat visit. These visitors are generally the ones who contact you. Creating these happy visitors is not rocket science. There's o...

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