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Ever notice that when you put a pot of flowers in the window this time of year, the next time you look, there's a blank hole starring back? The flowers have all decided to move towards the window, to soak up all the sunlight. Well, this is kinda the premise for Daylight Savings Time. Benjamin Fra...
Happy Halloween!
I've said this before and I'll say it again.  Social media can be a great tool in a real estate professional's arsenal.  When used correctly, Facebook is more than a way to catch up with old friends or stay in touch with distant relatives (which is nice) and Twitter has become so mainstream that ...
Wow, one thing about life is, it goes on. Not a very profound statement, but you know what I mean. So, while thinking of time flying by, I decided to check into the history of Halloween. You know, the nuts and bolts of this "demonic" holiday. I found some not so scary, but rather interesting, bac...
Mother’s Day is in May. So if you forgot your Mother-In-Law, here’s another chance to honor her. I can’t resist the chance to poke fun. Being a Mother-In-Law, please let me indulge myself. Maybe we aren’t always praised or appreciated as much as we think we should be and sometimes feel forgotten....
In some sort of capacity, this day suits me. I can be a little nutty, I have gone nuts and I truly love to snack on nuts!! Do Corn Nuts count?? So I feel honored to have a day to celebrate a big part of my personality and those crazy nuts I can't seem to put down and walk away from. To my surpris...
Apparently there is no documentation to back up the fact that this is a “National” holiday.  One would only have to assume that it was merely an over-sight, hiccup or the system could be flawed.   Maybe this should be another debate for the “Occupy” group?? Any way we look at it, it’s a holiday w...
Social media has become commonplace in today's tech-savvy culture.  I just read recently that even regular featured phones are predicted to go the way of the do-do bird in the next 10 years thanks to the portability, availability and user-friendliness of the smartphone.  Places like Facebook and ...
Brandied Fruit??  Wow, makes me think of Fruit Cake, and I’m not a big fan of dried fruit anyway… But, then I thought…  Well yes, of course, it could be cause for celebration.  WOW!   I’m sure I would enjoy coming up with some brandy recipes on a cold evening, wearing my Snuggy blanket!! Who came...
Today is Evaluate Your Life Day! Not as scary as you might think… A day to clear  some cobwebs from the brain, time to check your pulse.  A great opportunity to pause and reflect on your life.  Time to find out what your likes and dislikes are…   What’s bothering you?  Is it negative influences? ...

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