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Hope your Memorial Day weekend was great; time for friends, family and remembrance.   The weather was certainly hot in some parts of the country and looks they will continue.  So, I thought maybe youd appreciate a few great thirst quenching drink recipes. Recipe #1 - Honeydew Lime Cooler 1 small ...
As you are probably well aware, the use of the internet in real estate has simply exploded in the last several years.  More and more people are going online to view listings for sale and find the perfect REALTOR® to represent them.  Social media and blogging have become integral parts of a succes...
Memorial Day – A Day to Remember and Honor the Servicemen and Women Who Lost their Lives in the Service our Country While Preserving Freedom And Give Thanks and Prayers to our Current Military   On the last Monday of May each year, US Citizens honor those who have died in the Military Service whi...
As a woman of a certain age, I'm looking for ways to stay healthy.  I have a young spirit and want my body to be able to keep up.  So, I've been looking into different ways of eating.  I'm a meat and potatoes kind of gal but want to give every type of diet a look.  Eating vegetarian-style is one ...
The internet has become the go-to library for millions of people across the country and around the world (they don't call it the "world wide web" for nothing). Since smart phones, iPad and even electronic readers like Kindle and Nook have become so popular, accessing reading material is easier t...
Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet Are you considering becoming a vegetarian? Some people cite ethical reasons for their decision; others embrace vegetarianism for health reasons. Many vegetarians believe that their dietary choices go beyond their immediate families and meal choices. Others just want ...
"But I don't have time to chat all day on Facebook." "Social media is a mystery to me." "I don't even know where or how to begin." "It's a total waste of time." Got another excuse to add? Go ahead. I think I've heard them all. Now, part of me is just a teensy bit happy with all the excuses. After...
Did you see this?  Divers found a shipwreck with 150 bottles of perfectly preserved champagne.  200 years at the bottom of the Baltic Sea actually helped in the aging process. The diver who found it immediately popped open a bottle to celebrate.  He later learned it was worth about $82,000!  Oops...
Let me make this perfectly clear - I love to eat!  It like the taste, the comfort and the love I feel from being able to create foods that make my loved ones happy.  What I'm not too thrilled about is the obvious possibility of gaining of weight.  And, for me, it doesn't take much to see the poun...

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