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As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is passionate about providing the very best real estate support, this blog will give you great information, the latest trends, tips and tools and freebies for success in your real estate business.



If you're having a bad day or if you just want a smile, take a hint from Heather and just keep swimming.It's funny to think that you can find inspiration from a cartoon character.  But, lately, circumstances have forced me to look in some weird places to keep a positive attitude.  And, I happened...
This blog post by David North is a great reminder to all of us that we learn as much from reading a post as we do from thoughtful comments.A Thoughtful Comment A thoughtful comment to a blog post can be every bit as valuable as the blog post itself.  I was reminded of that today when I made a new...
With the proliferation of businesses interacting online through blogs, social media and websites, it is important to keep an eye on your online reputation.  There is now a brand new tool for real time reputation management: Yext Rep. Yext Rep is a free tool to manage all your online accounts in o...
Last August, I wrote about how Google Wave was a new way to communicate online.  Up until recently, Google Wave was trying to figure out how exactly it could work for people and was only available by invitation.  Now that it has been made available to the public, how can Google Wave help your bu...
I have an incredible team who never cease to amaze me with their support and knowledge.  Heather Chavez has been with Second Self Virtual Assistance for about 7 years and continues to do what it takes to help our clients stay on top of their game. Here's one of Heather's featured articles that is...
Keeping visitors interested and engaged requires some must-have secrets for a successful real estate website. The following video breaks down the necessary components of an informative website - keeping your visitors coming back to you.  Statistics show that the longer you can keep a visitor on ...
Many people are beginning to delete their Facebook profile, even after Facebook began initiating more privacy settings for their users.  There have been enough people doing a search to find out how to delete their Facebook profile, that it is one of the suggestions that comes up on Google when yo...
I think we all know to destroy or replace the hard drive in our computers before we sell or donate them.  However, did you know that digital copiers have hard drives that store documents, too? Please take a look at the video shared by Tammy Lankford.I get a ton of emails all day every day.  Somet...
SERPs are the Search Engine Results Pages that are created after you enter your keywords in the search field of any search engine: Yahoo!, Google or Bing.  How can the new SERPs drive more traffic to your website?  Right now, Google allows you to refine your search even further than a generic ter...
Do you like to take photos? Do you understand the importance of blogging to promote yourself? Photoblogging in seconds? Pre-Posterous! No, really. It’s quite simple with Just follow these simple steps to get blogging in seconds: 1. Create an account at It’s free. It’...

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