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As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is passionate about providing the very best real estate support, this blog will give you great information, the latest trends, tips and tools and freebies for success in your real estate business.



Tie-Dye Easter Eggs - Looking to spend some really fun quality time with the little ones this Easter? • Mugs or Dipping cups • Vinegar and/or Water • Dye Tablets • Spoons • Lots of newspaper or a plastic table cloth. • A big roll of paper towels or napkins. (If they have an interesting texture, a...
You've heard this phrase in relation to real estate for years and now it seems to apply to Google juice, too: location, location, location.  What do I mean by that?  With the use of smart phones to search the internet on the rise, Google has found that approximately 1/3 of Google searches on mobi...
Carra Riley, consultant and author of Cosmic Cow Pie, Connecting the Dots , has started a wonderful series called, Cosmic Shift Happens.  Below is Part 1 of her 5 part series.  I know you'll enjoy it.Cosmic Shift HappensTM part 1 of 5   "Cosmic Shift Happens TM" 2010 is the year to update your "p...
How important is social media to your business?  According to market research, people who are fans of a particular product on Facebook are 60% more likely to recommend that product than those who don't.  Followers of a brand name or product on Twitter are 79% more likely to do so.  Great word of ...
Drunken Corned Beef- A St. Patrick's Day Staple For many years I boiled my corned beef. Then I found a recipe that combines two of my favorite flavors - corned beef and bourbon! Although the recipe calls for many seasonings, if your corned beef comes with a seasoning packet, that will suffice. Al...
Is your business mobile ready?  What do I mean?  With technology getting better, faster and stronger and smart phone use on the rise, you don't want to be left behind when it comes to your business strategy and mobile technology.  Since more and more people are using their smart phones to access ...
Facebook pages are providing even more Google juice for their owners.  Google announced recently that the status updates on all public Facebook pages will be indexed in their real-time search.  What does this mean for Facebook users?  It means that the largest social network on the internet (Face...

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Being a Virtual Assistant for real estate professionals is a great job! We provide website design and maintenance, marketing, search engine optimization, blog promotion, ghostwriting, contact management, virtual tours and promotion and a lot more.

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