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Videos aren't all about what you see.  With the popularity of video positively exploding in the last few years, people tend to focus only on the visual aspect of the video and almost completely forget about the audio part.  This is funny, considering the bulk of information provided on a video is...
Feeling a little stressed?  Who isn't? Today has been one of those days - the Internet was out, the phone lines were down and I was just fed up. A very good friend of mine, Billy Ethridge, emailed the following YouTube video.  I was instantly transformed.  I think you will be, too. Whether you're...
Wondering what's for lunch? According to the National Restaurant Association, here's some interesting statistics about how we eat lunch: Over 27 percent of full-time employees frequently spend their lunch break doing things other than eating. 45 percent of employed adults feel that they have less...
Is linking considered a copyright infringement?  Some news organizations want you to think so.  Now, to be clear, I am not talking about plagiarism or using copyrighted photos as your own.  I'm actually talking about simply linking to an outside source, whether on your site, in a blog post or eve...
Breadsticks for Two sounds perfect! Since our kids all grown up and have families of their own, it's sometimes difficult to find recipes that are suitable for two people. It's okay to freeze the extra but somehow it doesn't always taste as good. So, here's the perfect recipe that serves two and c...
Martin Luther King Day is a wonderful time to reflect upon the changes that have occurred as a result of it's namesake's dedication and service.What does today mean to you? Martin Luther King Day Do you have a dream? Today is a day that many offices and businesses are closed and there are parades...
Since January is National Get Organized Month, I found a great way to get organized online with OfficeZilla.  OfficeZilla provides a private and secure online area for your company or organization to share files, calendars, forums, tasks, phone messages and more absolutely free.  The unlimited sp...
I've taken several years off from making home-cooked meals. However, since I recently moved out of the city and into the county, I don't have the luxury of running to the store at a moment's notice or picking something up at a fast food joint. Trips to town take a little more planning. As a resul...
Are you looking for a way to get your website and/or blog content sent to dozens of social networking sites easily and automatically?  OnlyWire is great for online syndication.  OnlyWire uses four content syndication tools to get their online publishers exposure to the internet's biggest social n...
Don't Miss National Ham and Bean Day on January 6th!  I used the ham bone from my Christmas ham to make the most awesome ham and beans.  I just simmered Great Northern Beans, along with the ham bone and seasonings; salt, pepper, bay leaf, red pepper flakes, garlic salt, onion, and about 1/4 cup f...

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