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Every Time a Home is Sold You Are Helping the Economy   As most of us know there are some great benefits being in the real estate business. Like helping people achieve homeownership, finding that perfect home, saving a family money, creating wealth and the ability to make a great living. But did ...
The Average Home Price Appreciation for 2013  This chart gives you the average appreciation for 2013 over 2012 for every state.  My home State of Colorado had an 8.24% increase, while Nevada had a huge 20.92% increase.  Of course not every area in every state will have the same results since each...
Check out this infographic:   Profile of a First Time Homebuyer       Do any of the numbers surprise you? The one that surprised me is 78% of down payments came from savings and that single women out buy single men by almost double.  Pin for later:
What is this loan program? The 3% down payment with no mortgage insurance home loan is a conventional loan called CHFA Advantage. This program offers some obvious benefits with a very low down payment and the extra advantage of no mortgage insurance. However, the benefits do come at a cost with ...
  What is the Difference Between Targeted and Non-Targeted Areas? A targeted area is an economically distressed area designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Special incentives are given for applicants purchasing homes in federally designated Targeted Areas. Some...
What is the Potential Cost of Waiting?  For many years we did not have to worry to much about the cost of waiting because housing prices were flat and interest rates were historically low. However, home prices are increasing and interest rates are rising. More than ever you now need to think abou...
Millennial Buyers   Who is a millennial buyer? * Usually people born after 1980 up to 2000. * Make up 25% of the United States population. * Larger than the Baby Boomer generation and 20% larger than Generation X (1965 to 1980).                            According to NAR’s 2013 Home Buyer and Se...
This graph shows the return on investments of the Dow, S&P, NASDAQ and Real Estate from January of 2000 to November of 2013. Obviously not everyone will have the same personal experience as this covers thirteen years and is done Nationally. However it is based on actual numbers and shows that Re...
  We have just received notice from the North Pole that all those in the lending industry will not be receiving ANY presents this year. Apparently Santa is upset! He has been working on a transaction that was all set to close, but at the last minute the lender has added conditions. As he just st...
  If You Can Afford to Rent, You Can Afford to Own   The cost of renting in many areas is now greater than the cost to buy. Unfortunately, we hear myths on the news that mortgage loans are impossible to obtain unless you have perfect credit and a large down payment.                           Tru...

Sean Young

Colorado loan officer
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I literally fell into this business, 42 feet to be exact. Straight down an elevator shaft 17 years ago. Ever since I have been a Colorado loan officer - My goal is to always make the loan transaction as stress free as possible and to always close on time. For some reason lenders forget that contract dates actually mean something. Go figure...right? Weird, I know! - I Currently sponsor weekly training webinars that feature ways to help your business by presenting cutting edge, innovative technology, strategies and transforming ideas to meet current market conditions. - I believe that success breeds success and that we are at our best when we are helping others to succeed. Basically a Zig Ziglar fan. :)