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    The Home Price Expectation Survey comes out every quarter. This one came out at the end of the first quarter of 2013.          The Home Price Expectation Survey is a nation wide panel of 118 economists, real estate experts, investment and marketing strategists. They survey them and then take ...
Buying Your First Home What do you need to know?     We all know the old line about location, but to really discover the right place takes research times three.    How much you can comfortably afford –Beyond pre-qualification, the pre-approval process is the best way to determine the number that’...
  Then and Now An Amazing True Comparison      Amazingly, you can purchase a median priced home today for a payment that can be lower than it was for the same home over 30 years ago. This is all the more amazing when we consider that with inflation, that payment is a much smaller percentage of av...
  Compound Interest One of the Wonders of the World     Many of us know all about compound interest and how it works. You may now ask what does compounding have to do with home ownership and mortgage financing. Good questions and below, we’ll provide not just the answers but why you want to know ...


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I literally fell into this business, 42 feet to be exact. Straight down an elevator shaft 17 years ago. Ever since I have been a Colorado loan officer - My goal is to always make the loan transaction as stress free as possible and to always close on time. For some reason lenders forget that contract dates actually mean something. Go figure...right? Weird, I know! - I Currently sponsor weekly training webinars that feature ways to help your business by presenting cutting edge, innovative technology, strategies and transforming ideas to meet current market conditions. - I believe that success breeds success and that we are at our best when we are helping others to succeed. Basically a Zig Ziglar fan. :)