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Still Writing Checks to the Landlord? Home loan payments are now often less than paying rent!   Renting can make good sense – for those that don’t intend to stay in their home for long, need extra mobility or have highly uncertain employment prospects. If you’re planning on sticking around – ther...
Regional Median Home Prices Through the 3rd Quarter of 2012   Annual and quarterly home prices in the various regions of the US can display significant differences both in value and movement from period to period. Buyers and sellers aware of both local and macro area trends are better equipped to...
Home Economics 2012   Appreciation & Rate of Return – Yearly change in annualized median home prices & top line rate of return on a 20% down payment. Home Price History – The national median home price has grown at an average of 5.39% over the last 48 years. Housing Cost Scale – The cost of finan...
FHA Loans – Still Working When Others Might Not   Here are a few of the benefits that FHA loans offer.    Low Down Payments – As little as 3.5% down will work in most                            instances and 5% covers most others.    Flexible Credit Requirements – While it varies, minimum credit ...
FHA Mortgage Premiums Set to Increase 1st Change - On April 1st, 2013, the Federal Housing Administration is increasing its required monthly mortgage insurance premium from 1.25% to 1.35%*. While that might not sound like much, it can add up to a substantial amount of money over time.    2nd Cha...
Bank Statements, does your bank give you one of these?         This page intentionally left blank                           Not sure why the banks do it….Yet – since we know they do, we can at least explain why we in turn need to ask for these which is because of the page number. You may see that...
  Making your new Real Estate website look good with killer content This week's Agent Mastermind webinar is on making your new Real Estate website look good with killer content. Last week we shared how to set up your own Real Estate website for only $60 dollars a YEAR! This next week we are going...
Donna does a great job pointing out 10 great things she loves about Parker, Colorado.  Check it out and I'm sure you will agree. For me I love all of the open space in Parker and it's still close to everything you want and need.  The 10 Things I LOVE About Parker, Colorado When you are deciding o...
Down payments, how much are enough? If you did nothing but listen to the media – you might think that the minimum down payment on a home is 20%. This is far from the truth. Yet if this is the case, why do we still hear it referenced so often? Good question and let’s ponder that while we review t...
Rate Locks – Why do longer ones cost more? We’ve all heard the saying that “time is money.” Some people may need no more explanation that that. If you’re a little more inquisitive or want to be able to better strategize the optimal time to lock your interest rate, read on below:  It’s never as si...


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I literally fell into this business, 42 feet to be exact. Straight down an elevator shaft 17 years ago. Ever since I have been a Colorado loan officer - My goal is to always make the loan transaction as stress free as possible and to always close on time. For some reason lenders forget that contract dates actually mean something. Go figure...right? Weird, I know! - I Currently sponsor weekly training webinars that feature ways to help your business by presenting cutting edge, innovative technology, strategies and transforming ideas to meet current market conditions. - I believe that success breeds success and that we are at our best when we are helping others to succeed. Basically a Zig Ziglar fan. :)