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Providing a unique perspective on life and real estate in the South San Fernando Valley. Here you'll not only find articles on real estate, homes, condos, and rentals, but also reviews and opinions of restaurants, shopping, events, and more. All Along Ventura Blvd.
Is this movie magic or just a great photographer?  Photo Credit: Elev8dMind. FOLLOW ELEV8DMIND ON INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER.
How to navigate the parking lot at Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s is a small (very popular) grocery store chain, which occasionally has locations with teeny, tiny parking lots. The parking lot at these Trader Joe’s are designed to only fit 25% of its shoppers at any given time.  Here is the guide to n...
This is a list of the top ten reasons I love living in the San Fernando Valley.  I’ve lived in the val’ on and off my entire life, since I was born in Tarzana.  I’ve lived in Canoga Park, North Hills, Lake Balboa (twice), Woodland Hills, Burbank, Valley Village, and even up to Santa Clarita!  Her...
New Sepulveda Dam Sports Complex in Lake Balboa to Open Early 2012 Construction is in the home stretch of Phase 1 on the 68-acre Sepulveda Dam Sports Complex, a new recreational facility in Lake Balboa.  Although the park was slated to open this December, “it’s looking more like January” accordin...
If you're searching for a home for sale in Lake Balboa, or in any other area of the San Fernando Valley for that matter, you can now easily search using this blog or on my website,  Just go to the top of the page and click "Search Homes for Sale".  No need to sign in or give your...
  Looking for a home in the San Fernando Valley?  Check out Lake Balboa!   If you’re looking for homes for sale in the San Fernando Valley and you’re confused about all the different neighborhoods, take a peek at my Neighborhood Guide for Lake Balboa.  The guide has info about parks, shopping, re...
I got a kitty today at the East Valley Animal Shelter.   She is only 8 months old.  We named her Abbey.  The kids wanted to name her Ranch Dressing.  Sometimes parents just have to make an executive decision.  We got her at the East Valley Animal Shelter which is the Los Angeles animal services d...
I had hoped to start my blogging endeavors with something a little more positive, but I just feel so strongly about this particular subject, that I had to write about it right away.  I have a client who is looking for a condo in the San Fernando Valley.  She has an okay credit score and some mone...
A home inspector wrote this extremely intelligent and helpful blog post and I couldn't help but reblog it.  As a victim of burglary myself, I can tell you first hand that had I used these tips, I wouldn't have been robbed.  Thanks Jay, for the great advice. One thing you should do when you first ...

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