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  The Panama City Beach market has changed!   We're seeing more and more buyers traveling from further away to purchase condos and 2nd homes.  Folks from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee have long called this area "home-sweet-away-from-home".   Now we're seeing visitors from the Great ...
So, You Want to Sell Houses in this Slow Market? No matter what type of housing market you’re in, the number-one selling incentive of a house is its cost. With so many people trying alternative selling techniques – such as adding boats, cars, or other incentives to the deal. It’s easy to get caug...
With the cost of gas weighing so heavily on Floridians, it’s no surprise that commuting distances are essential to new home owners. In 2008, buying real estate is all about location and how close buyers are to local amenities such as movie theaters, stores, banks, and their workplace. According ...
Weather forecasters are not the only ones paid when they make mistakes. Insurance companies profit pretty well, too. And the Florida real estate industry is paying the price.It's been two years since a hurricane struck The Sunshine State, but residents continue to face rising insurance rates or d...
Historically, Florida has been known for a few specific things.  We are the Spring Break capital.  Any college football fan can't deny our talent for producing great players all over the State.  Just this year, one of our very own was the youngest player ever to be awarded the Heisman Trophy.  As...
These have been stressful times for everyone.  You can't turn on the television without hearing something about tax increases, gas prices...something that wants to suck the life out of our wallet and bank account.  When the Florida Legislation session began this month, a few more clouds over the ...

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