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Lots of our current and someday-soon clients tell us this all the time.  And usually this is followed by a slew of questions like: How do I blog? How often do I blog? Where do I blog? Found this article (courtesy of Brad Coy's Google Reader page) from ProBlogger.  If you're just starting out and ...
Mark Eibner at IPTV has been a great supporter of Altos Research.  Some of you may have seen the interview from "Beer with Bloggers" in New York.  Here's a new interview with Mark from Inman REConnect in San Francisco this summer where we launched AltosXplorer. 
Jeff Turner did a live feed of one of the workshops I hosted at the REBarCampHouston.  Click here to check out the video.  And nope, I don't like the sound of my own voice.... We have an expanded version of this workshop that both Mike Simonsen and I have delivered across the country to a number ...
I spent Wednesday of this week at the REBarCampHouston event organized by Mike Price at MLBroadcast.  After meeting and talking with Active Rich, Jeff Turner, and the agents that attended, I've come the the epiphany (duh...) that one cannot have an Active Rain profile and let it sit dormant.  So ...
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Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Tips and Ideas. We work with real estate professionals and Altos Research subscribers all across the country. This blog is an exchange of ideas that we've learned from our daily interaction and events like Inman-Connect and the REBarcamps.