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A bunch of ideas from my experience working in technology and with agents & brokers across the country.
Here's the inventory trends in Davis, CA since mid-2007: And if you'd like to see how I did this, check out this 4-minute screencast with my narration on the steps you take.
A quick search engine optimization (SEO) tip to share today... Check out this excellent blog post  by Greg Fleischaker in Louisville, KY - "Homes For Sale Louisville: Home Prices Drop Back Down To April Levels."  Here's why the post is really good:   It's succinct - very easy for the reader to gr...
Just a couple of books I've come across that I recommend reading, and then IMPLEMENTING the ideas they are presenting: "Landing Page Optimization" by Tim Ash - Goes through the ins and outs of web page conversation.  Lots of great examples from successful and unsuccessful websites including scree...
Just a couple of quick follow-ups to this week's REBarcamp-Seattle.  Thank you to Zillow for putting together the event.  With the number of attendees well over 300, there was lots of enthusiasm and sharing to go around. If you missed it, I hosted two sessions: "How to REALLY Grab 'em" - We discu...
Just a quick note to let you know that our fearless leader and CEO here at Altos Research has the distinct honor of serving as this week's guest on the RETomato's Blog Talk Radio.  The Details: Topic: Mike's 3 Question Philosophy   When the consumer shows up on your website and blog, they only ha...
We owned the distinct honor of hosting this week's Carnival of Real Estate on our Altos Research blog.  This was personally my first effort, so I hope you find my take educational and entertaining.   Check out this week's posts here. 
Just fresh in my inbox and straight to Active Rain!  I'm a big fan of O'Reilly Media, and while some of there webcasts and sessions can get super-techie, others are excellent at stretching the brain and thinking outside of just "real estate."  Here's an upcoming webcast that I just learned about ...
An important component of your Internet marketing strategy is "search engine optimization" (a.k.a. "SEO").  This is a fancy term that just means - "What do search engines like Google see when they look at your website." Among the factors that Google uses to rank you website and it's webpages are ...
I've been fortunate enough to attend a number of the REBarcamps over the past year - (San Francisco, New York City, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City).  At EVERY event, attendees and organizers ask a fundamental question - How do we keep the momentum that we've built at the ...

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