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The four P’s of success in real estate - professionalism, preparation, prospecting and persistence. Professionalism is simple – it’s a lot of little things with a few big ones as well and when you think of professionalism, you can apply the “Golden Rule” to you daily routine.  To be professional...
More and more I see teams that don't effectively determine what the best place is for each team member to succeed and exceed!  It is critical to recognize people's strengths and allow them to work on tasks that highlight their strengths.  When everyone is doing what they do best, exceptional resu...
As we have experienced, heard and read - houses are selling. It is time for agents to stop making excuses and start taking responsibility for their thoughts, actions, activities, and in the end, their results. If anyone ever said the road to success was easy, they were wrong. It is a winding road...
Have you defined your ideal environment? What is the right atmosphere to help you grow?  Who are the right people you need to be around to help you develop personally and professionally?  Who are the people you need to surround yourself with for success?  What do you need to hear to motivate you ...
These four C's will help you succeed in today's market. They are commitment, care, communication and consistency. Commitment is the price you pay to get the results you want. Commitment is critical in all aspects of your life and business. Concentrate and focus on your commitment to your business...
As we move forward into 2009, the question comes to mind - are you loyal to the business, your clients, your training, your efforts, yourself and your company or are you just here for a cup of latté? With the business, are you focused on your plan and goals?  Are you working your Daily Accountabi...
Due diligence and ordinary care are probably terms that you remember hearing in your pre-licensing classes when you first got your real estate license. I think now would be a good time to recap on what those terms actually mean. Providing excellent service to your clients is one key in this busin...
Let’s get started with the quote that leads me to this email…”The secret to your success is determined by your daily agenda” – John Maxwell. Keep this thought at the forefront of you mind and you will become intentional in your actions daily which will reap you great rewards. Areas where you need...
Leading is about commitment. You must be committed to learning, communication, team building, accountability, adaptability, persistence and focus. To be a leader in our field, you must know what you are talking about. Clients and customers today are more savvy than they were in the past. With 24 ...
This year there will be a theme to the year and the messages we send out – challenge. Let’s start with the market. We will be challenged to find move up buyers who can afford to actually move up. We will continue to be challenged in many areas and price points getting properties to appraise as ma...

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Current Market news in Northern Virginia Real Estate