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Current Market news in Northern Virginia Real Estate.
In the real estate market there is a learning curve virtually every day.  At RE/MAX Gateway, we do everything we can to keep our agents and our clients updated so they can give the best advice or help our valued clients make the right the decisions when leasing, buying, selling, or investing in r...
We recently covered your performance and the need to rehearse your presentations in all areas of your business - your elevator speech, buyer and sell interviews, etc. and what we need to discuss is how you get yourself in front of people to perform and how to perfect your prospecting. Prospecting...
Your performance is critical to your success.  If you can't convey your message succinctly and clearly, you won't get the results you need to be successful.  Your performance relates to your presentation skills.  Your presentations must be delivered with enthusiasm, conviction and confidence base...
Most agents today would love to experience explosive growth in their business and ask how this can be done.  In order to achieve this type of advancement in their business they must be development oriented.  The areas for development include education, lead generation, attitude, people, insight a...
The market continues to amaze and befuddle us. How it amazes us is that we continue to see sales in multiple locations with multiple offers in multiple price ranges. The media says we are experiencing one of the worst markets we have ever had yet it is obviously not the case. We are not sure if i...
As the market shifted, some agents adapted to the change quickly, some were slow to change, and some never will change and will find themselves out of business soon unless their mindset shifts.  As we all know, the market will change again and those who have built a business upon sound fundamenta...
Life is full of choices.  These choices impact those around us and those we encounter.  It is important to think and understand the consequences of our actions and how they ultimately impact you.  Areas to consider are you interactions with others, your attitude, your daily activities, your plann...
Wow!!  We discuss the level of appreciation we have for our market virtually daily.  Our market is insulated from what most of the rest of the country is experiencing.  The national unemployment rate is nearly 8%, we are less than half of that number.  We are soon to become the financial center o...
It is my opinion that the reason we share success is that many of us share the law of attraction. It is extremely important in my opinion to have this quality. What constitutes the law of attraction? First, you must be likable. People want to be around you. They seek you out to "pick" them up men...
As some agents are experiencing, today's market can be a little challenging.  Some buyers want to continue making low ball offers on properties until they can steal one.  In some areas, there isn't enough inventory to choose from for our buyers which leaves them many times, in competitive situati...

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Current Market news in Northern Virginia Real Estate