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Current Market news in Northern Virginia Real Estate.
It's amazing!  Our market continues to flourish despite the rest of the economy and other market segments in the real estate business.  Year to date, our transactions are up 21% over last year numbers.  Our belief is that we provide our agents with up-to-date, cutting edge, continuous training to...
It is time, to take the time, to analyze, reassess and reenergize yourself and your team.  What are you saying to clients?  What are your team members saying to their contacts?  Where is your attitude?  What is your team's attitude?  Where are you spending your time?  Where are your teammates spe...
It is true!  The housing market is making its comeback.  Last week we reported sales of existing homes rose 3 consecutive months and that new home sales were up in June over 3%.  Well, guess what?  New home sales were up 11% in July!   This is more great news for us to "build" upon moving into th...
In today's environment, clients are looking for information, communication, service, and results.  It is our job to ask the right questions to determine their expectations so you can meet or exceed them.  Let's examine each area to help you improve in these areas. In today's day and age, the cons...
At times I feel like a broken record - our market is different, we aren't impacted like the rest of the country, we are seeing houses sell, etc.  Well, it looks like other areas are beginning to experience what we are experiencing here in Northern Virginia.  In a recent article on MSNBC it has be...
Just when you thought you knew the business and what is happening in the business, a new regulation gets implemented that very few agents are aware of and that will impact our business.  The Housing and Economic Recovery Act (H.E.R.A.) requires that lenders provide the borrower with a Truth-in-Le...
As many of you have read and are experiencing.  Social Media is a growing part of our industry.  As I mentioned to Bryan Felder yesterday, it is a spoke in your marketing wheel and it definitely needs to be there but should not overwhelm you.  Many people spend an inordinate amount of time with S...
You are not going to believe the first part of this story but the second part you will.  This weekend, one of our RE/MAX Gateway agents placed a townhouse on the market for sale in Centreville, VA for $250,000.  If you have been reading my previous blogs at you would know t...
It has been typical to see this time of year slow down in real estate.  Families take vacations, agents take breaks to spend time with their families as kids are out of school, and it is golf season and so many other reasons.  Well, this year is different.  We are busy!  Houses are selling!  The ...
Appraisal issues •·         Coming in low in all price ranges                •·         Too long to complete •·         Appraisers and lenders can't communicate which is causing delays in settlement dates •·         Appraisers are coming from outside market areas - in some case close to 100 miles...

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Current Market news in Northern Virginia Real Estate