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Time flies – it’s an amazing phenomenon.  As many of you are contemplating your plan for the New Year and what success is going to look like for you in it – think about this – 5% of the year is already gone.  Have you attained 5% of your yearly goals?  Are you working a specific plan or are you m...
Recently we discussed change and in my opinion, one of the key ingredients to true change is discipline. Discipline is defined as conscious control over lifestyle - mental self-control used in directing or changing behavior, learning something, or training for something.  Here is a breakdown of d...
As the New Year is upon us, it is the time many agents think about changing companies.  Before you think about making a move consider the following thoughts you are about to read.  A change of scenery is just that – a change in scenery.  Rarely does a change for change sake work.  Either does a c...
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It was a terrific turnout - we had 25 people attend.  Thanks for all who came out to be educated!  Here is a synopsis of what was discussed.  Hope to see more of you next time! Scott MacDonald: Market have said activity and contracts have been up. The summer lull is gone and act...
Well, we are starting to see more activity lately at our listings, more homes are selling than are going on the market reducing our inventory levels, builders are seeing increased activity and sales as well, rates continue to fall, prices are remaining stable, and now is a fantastic time to be in...
As a Realtor, you never know who you will run into to discuss our business.  This weekend was no different for me.  I was invited to attend a political function for an incumbent who is attempting to keep his seat as a delegate for our area.  Of course, Chuck Caputo is the right candidate and the ...
Please attend the free event at NVAR - October 27, 2009 - 8:30 - 5.  Please RSVP soon to make sure you get in! Blogging is an important part of your internet presence - 73% of internet users have read a blog. Google loves blogs - to get higher in the searches on various search eng...
Michael Fratantoni  -The true unemployment number is up to 13.3% (people who can no longer claim and still don't have a job) but is report as 9.7% - it will peak midyear next year to a reported 10.2 % similar to the early 80's -No pressure on inflation -some deflation happening right now to keep ...
The economy isn't as bad as we think it is or as the media portrays it to be...especially in our Washington Metro Area.  Dr. Stephen Fuller from GMU's Center for Regional Analysis spoke to our office today regarding the current economy in our area including unemployment and the state of the housi...

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Current Market news in Northern Virginia Real Estate