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If you enjoy wine tasting this could be your spot.  It is a great way to spend some time with a large group, socialize, and hopefully find a great new wine.    The thing I love most about the concept is that you get to chose the wine you wish to taste, tsay with a region, or grape type, pick your...
Here is a link to a great video discussing the current market and the impact of home prices on future foreclosures.  The real problem is home owners that owe more than 20% over what their homes are valued.  Take a look and let me know what impact you think you will see in your market. Wall Street...
It looks like the real estate industry is sending more conflicting messages.  While home sales were up, we also hit record highs for the number of home owners that owe more than their house is worth.  I still believe that prices will hit bottom nationally in 2011 but some areas will recover more ...
The Wall Street Journal reported that government spending and tax incentives are keeping the housing market from dropping further but warns that continued programs may be required until job growth begins to kick in.  Check out this quick video and tell me what you think.  My own belief is that th...
Well you have to be a bit adventurous for this place but if you give it a try I think you might love it.  Many restaurants get their seafood on these docks and they open it all up to the public every Saturday morning from 2 AM to 8 AM.  Fish here is VERY fresh, the fish mongers are very friendly,...
You really must check out this unique Halloween carving.  I love how creative some people can be and although I wish the creator of this beautiful carving lived in my neighborhood, this was passed on to me from a friend and I had to share with all of you.  Enjoy and send me any of your favorites.  
Reports in the third quarter show foreclosure filings at an all time high with Nevada once again leading the charge. . "They were the worst three months of all time," said Rick Sharga, spokesman for RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed homes. During that time, 937,840 homes received a for...
There are big changes coming to the mortgage industry starting January 1st, 2010; most at the cost of the borrower. In an attempt to add “transparency” and increased disclosure to the borrower in a mortgage transaction, HUD has officially implemented the new 2010 Good Faith Estimate. Please hold ...
Do you realize that less that 20% of the home loans serviced by the 4 biggest lenders in the country are actually owned by those lenders?  Take a look at these numbers   Wells Fargo - owns 16% of the loans they service Bank of America - owns 19% of the loans they service Citi - owns 25% of the lo...
Check out the latest and greatest information from CAMB regarding reg Z.  There are really more questions than answers at this point and until we get a response from the fed, we really won't know what the impact is going to be.  I have a quick overview below   Loan Originator Payment Changes Loan...

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