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          You should see the house that comes with this pool. Well, let me show you the inside.   I got a better idea go to to take the grand tour if you like.  If you or someone you know finds themselves in need of a perfectly kept home located in Hemet, Ca contact me ...
                                                             THE ANATOMY OF A SHORT SALE PART 2 Is there anything else that home owners who are facing default on their mortgage can try before selling short or letting the house go? Well, here are two one might consider: Try doing a Loan Workout w...
                                                     THE SKINNY ON THE SHORT SALE PROCESS I've been doing short sales on both sides of a transaction for all of '08. I keep hoping and praying that this mess will clear up and go away. It looks like it's going to be with us for awhile.  I've been th...
           ANATOMY OF A SHORT SALE                Short sales have become a big part of the California real estate scene. They are becoming so prevalent that I've decided to test my expertise by seeing if I can successfully break the short sale process down like an scientist would the human body....
    It still surprises me when people, who should buy rather than rent hesitate because they think the big dip is going to happen again. I've got news for all the naysayers, California is having a "blue light special" and it's already begun. Yes it will last for 14 more months or so, but the poin...
Yes, I really did show 14 homes to my clients yesterday. And as a result I'm writing two offers on two different properties. I love being a buyer's agent in this market. It was one of those surreal real estate moments. We viewed 6 of the 14 homes on one street. Not only did we save on gas, but we...
Anza lies nestled in the mountains just outside of Murrieta in the Inland Empire of southern California. When I previewed Anza properties this morning, it was refreshing not to see a ton of REOs. Murrieta is bursting at the seams with them, making it the "bank-owned captial of the world." You can...
Sales are still going strong as we close out another week. And why not. With prices in southern California close to prices in the rest of the country, investors are having their day. We are continuing to see multiple offers on bank owned properties. And a friend from the banking side has said tha...
The bank homes continue to lead the way in home sales in southeren California. Prices are bouncing off the bottom of the market. I predict that prices will increase in the latter end of the second half of '08. 2009 will be too late to capitalize 100% on this market. It is very intresting to see t...
It's been another great week in real estate. Lately I've been looking at propertys in the Crown Hill area of Temecula. The prices per square foot are at the cost of materials. That means that the labor is "FREE".Investors from Orange County seem to be buying most of the properties. What do they k...

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