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This was almost a daily occurence last year, but we haven't seen this in a while (at least at this large scale). Taylor Bean, the nation's 12th largest lender, ceased mortgage operations yesterday along with Colonial BancGroup. Here's a link to a WSJ article
There is no disputing the fact (trust me, I know!) that our current real estate market is a difficult one. I've only been in the business since 2003, but I'm told by industry veterans that this is the most difficult that they can remember. Well, in an effort to grow my network of local realtors -...
In an effort to boost my business in our current economy, I have decided to offer the following incentive to all new customers: *A Free Appraisal ($300 - $400 value) Since appraisals need to be paid by the customer, and paid directly to the appraiser at time of inspection, I will refund that ful...
Thanks to our sagging economy, mortgage rates are dropping again. The average 30 year fixed rate mortgage nationally is around 5.50% with average 15 year fixed rates under 5%. This is good news once again for prospective new home purchasers as well as existing homeowner's looking to refinance (ei...
If you're a retired veteran or active military, you are eligible for the best mortgage program on the market today! A VA Loan. Benefits of a VA Loan are:   No Downpayment Required -- 100% Financing (only program in today's market that offers this benefit) A 4% Seller Concession is allowed, to pay...
It is very important that you get pre-approved before beginning your search for your new home. This statement holds true always, but is especially important in today's credit tightened mortgage market. I spoke with a prospective customer the other day who had found a home that he wanted to purcha...
I read an article yesterday on MarketWatch.Com that basically summed up some of what I've been telling my customers of late. Rates were very low -- below 5% for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage -- a few weeks ago. People wouldn't commit to 4.75% because they wanted 4.5%! Then, some good (albeit bogu...
There's been a lot of talk about the $8000 Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyers. This is a terrific incentive and actually isn't only for First Time Homebuyers. You just can't have owned a home in the last 3 years. The credit can be claimed on 2008 or 2009 tax returns. Homebuyers who get a loan ...
I read an article this morning on Time.Com that is pretty ominous for NYC (and surrounding areas) homeowners. Deutche Bank has come out with a real estate forecast, saying they believe that home prices in the NY metropolitan area, including Westchester County and Northern NJ, will decline an addi...
I heard a story over the weekend that is becoming more and more common. People hear on TV or read on the internet that they should call their current mortgage lender to have their mortgage modified. A modification may be to have their interest lowered to current rates, lengthen the term of their ...

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