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What? You can negotiate rentals?! I had no idea you could negotiate a rental until I learned the almost hard way. I was a newbie real estate agent when I got a rental lead from sitting opportunity time at the front desk at my office. What is opportunity time? For those of you who don’t know…agent...
Wagner Farm Arboretum in Warren Township opens Farmers Market 6/20/13 Big news in Warren Township, New Jersey!  The Wagner Farm Arboretum, located at 197 Mountain Boulevard is going to begin it's first Farmers Market on June 20. When I was a kid, my mom and I used to visit Wagner Farm to see the ...
In order to fully enjoy a sunset or sunrise in OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina), you must leave the house.  This is the beautiful walkway that leads to the beach.  I love the way the tree canopy envelopes you as you pad along the boardwalk planks.   This is a photo taken just as the sun started ...
  Here are some more great photos of birds taken in OBX.   This bird is one of indiginous species in North Carolina.  To the best of my ability, it has been identified as a Rusty Blackbird. He was perched on one of the roof extensions on the beach house.  We put seed out on the deck for them in t...
Hummingbird in my NJ backyard.   She is sweet and tiny. Her name is Minney.  She started visiting me last year.  She loves the Hibiscus Tree, my Red Mandevilla flowers, and the trumpet vine honeysuckle that climbs up my pergola. She has a distinctive chirp which I can hear before I see her.  She ...
  Sunrise over the dunes in OBX   This was taken in the Outer Banks, NC.  I was going out for a walk (with my camera of course)--because you never know what you are going to see on the beach early in the morning!   There is nothing more magical than when the sunrise meets the ocean.  What a beau...
Sunset in OBX One of my favorite places to visit is the Outer Banks, North Carolina. (OBX).  I took this photo one evening before we went to dinner.  The crab pots were a perfect anchor for the photo and the sunset over the Sound looked so beautiful.   I love going off season (less crowded).  Th...
So funny, I forgot to neigh! After my husband I got married in October 2011, we went on a "Mini Moon" (didn't get a chance to go on an official honeymoon).  We decided to go to in Hunterdon County, NJ.  They have Clydesdale horses you can take on a trail ride.  These gent...
10 tips to get your offer accepted on a home in New Jersey     These 10 tips to get your offer accepted on a home in New Jersey will help your offer stand out amongst other bidders. It’s a rat race out there! Follow these 10 tips and the keys to your new home will be just a few weeks away!   The ...

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